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  1. Sir John Elton

    Charlotte Dawson #17 Bankruptcy's on the brink, please click that chuffin link!

    Congrats to @smellyfootballboots for a back of the net thread winner ! A quick recap: the tyre around the waist is ever increasing on all of Dawsy’s friends posts, but not hers? The #bellehblaster is on sale, yet again!!! 75% off. Like the DFS sale this one …… we’ve had an ostentatious 30th...
  2. choccychops

    Charlotte Dawson #16 The chav in the hat wants to sell us her tat!

    New thread folks. Thanks to me @choccychops for the title. If anyone fancies doing a recap feel free.
  3. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #15 Searching for pics of Les and the Queen but still not sure where Pob has been!

    My first time at doing a new thread so fingers crossed all OK! Thanks to me for the thread title (18 votes). Recap: Chazza is still continuing her shit parenting, scamming, wasting Police time for a 'stalker' and making up fake accounts for her troll narrative. Boo hoo. 🙄 Now Chazza has...
  4. plattyjoobs

    Charlotte Dawson #14 Riding around Rome and crashed the scooter, that'll teach yew for shoving too much up your hooter

    This is my first time creating a new thread so apologies for any mistakes! Congratulations to @CrazyBaldhead for the winning title with 70 votes, quick recap below: Chazza went to for a massive sesh her best friends wedding but had a non-substance related near death experience involving a...
  5. quinzel

    Charlotte Dawson #13 Oompa loompa Doompety doo, I've got a belting discount for yew

    Thread title courtesy of @Krm2011 with 40 likes! Old thread: (3) Charlotte Dawson #12 100% when the rollers are in, she's out with a packet & loadsa gin! | Tattle Life Recap to follow. As you were you chuffin lot...
  6. Dunham22

    Charlotte Dawson #12 100% when the rollers are in, she's out with a packet & loadsa gin!

    Thank you to @CrazyBaldhead for the winning title. It was a tie between you and Bobbyorange so I went for the oldest thread title. feel free to recap but to summarise Chazza still has a weird obsession with her dad and Matt shags prozzies
  7. IamMyaJ

    Charlotte Dawson #11 Chazza the serial scammer, moaning bout the heat,tending not 2 no Ken’s a cheat

    Thank you @Krm2011 for the thread title. Recap: Charlotte still can’t parent her lovely little boy, she went on a ‘work trip’ to sell her shit tan and whatever else she wants to scam the general public with and we had some new members who confirm that Pob is paying for sex, probably because he’s...
  8. Justwannaseescreenshots

    Charlotte Dawson #10 Start puttin Noah 1st U utter disgrace, instead of dragging him to pubs off ur face

    Sorry had to shorten thread to fit but clear win by @CrazyBaldhead with 60+ likes Somebody feel free to do a recap but it’s the same old getting pissed, crap parenting, belleh belleh, granite grandad, cardboard les and shit tan.
  9. IamMyaJ

    Charlotte Dawson #9 Chunkeh but Funkeh also a Junkeh Noah’s a performing Monkeh

    Sorry had to shorten the thread title to fit! can someone please do a recap 😘 Thanks @Krm2011 for the thread title
  10. geordiegirl

    Charlotte Dawson #8 Nowah can you get me a packet of cheese n onion? I'm in agoneh with me bunion

    Had to shorten the title to make it fit but thanks to @Krm2011 for it 🙂 Prev thread here:
  11. Blair-Waldorf

    Charlotte Dawson #7 Bruises on his face, you big disgrace, waving ur piss sticks all over the place

    Thanks @TrollLolLol for the thread suggestion 💋 I had to amend it slightly to fit can someone do a recap please? A wiki has also been created if someone could be so kind to update it, I’ll have a stab over the weekend xoxo old thread...
  12. Rach88

    Charlotte Dawson #6 Too glam to give a chuffin damn? More like sod being a mam let's order a gram..

    New thread excellent thread title suggestion by @Krm2011 Recap these two have somehow become worse parents it's now becoming sad to see still can't put poor Noah first I don't think much more can be said really As we were
  13. Rach88

    Charlotte Dawson #5 Chazza the chav living for the sesh, Ken's got his trainers, Noah's still in the crèche

    New thread guys think I've done the title right anyway :D had to shorten it a bit to make it fit :)
  14. T

    Charlotte Dawson #4 The diet plan is another scam, just like her tango tan

    So Charlotte is covid positive but her mum is round here house ?? 🤣🤣🤯
  15. Sazbee

    Charlotte Dawson #3 When your belleh is chunkeh and your bedsheets smell funkeh

    Congrats to @Gorbs on the most liked thread title! I’m awful at doing recaps so if someone else wants to do one feel free 🙈 Here are the basics though: -Matt is a deadbeat orange dad. -Les -Belleh -Les
  16. Sazbee

    Charlotte Dawson #2

    Mini Les is here, Matthew is still an unnatural shade of bright orange and I think we should start taking bets on how long it will take for this baby to be compared to big Les. As you were guys!
  17. G

    Charlotte Dawson (Charlottedawsy)

    I can’t stand her - seems like she’s putting on a massive act to make people like her. And that baby bump can’t be real or she’ll be the size of a house when the baby arrives!
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