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  1. geordiegirl

    Charlotte Dawson #8 Nowah can you get me a packet of cheese n onion? I'm in agoneh with me bunion

    Had to shorten the title to make it fit but thanks to @Krm2011 for it 🙂 Prev thread here:
  2. Blair-Waldorf

    Charlotte Dawson #7 Bruises on his face, you big disgrace, waving ur piss sticks all over the place

    Thanks @TrollLolLol for the thread suggestion 💋 I had to amend it slightly to fit can someone do a recap please? A wiki has also been created if someone could be so kind to update it, I’ll have a stab over the weekend xoxo old thread...
  3. Rach88

    Charlotte Dawson #6 Too glam to give a chuffin damn? More like sod being a mam let's order a gram..

    New thread excellent thread title suggestion by @Krm2011 Recap these two have somehow become worse parents it's now becoming sad to see still can't put poor Noah first I don't think much more can be said really As we were
  4. Rach88

    Charlotte Dawson #5 Chazza the chav living for the sesh, Ken's got his trainers, Noah's still in the crèche

    New thread guys think I've done the title right anyway :D had to shorten it a bit to make it fit :)
  5. T

    Charlotte Dawson #4 The diet plan is another scam, just like her tango tan

    So Charlotte is covid positive but her mum is round here house ?? 🤣🤣🤯
  6. Sazbee

    Charlotte Dawson #3 When your belleh is chunkeh and your bedsheets smell funkeh

    Congrats to @Gorbs on the most liked thread title! I’m awful at doing recaps so if someone else wants to do one feel free 🙈 Here are the basics though: -Matt is a deadbeat orange dad. -Les -Belleh -Les
  7. Sazbee

    Charlotte Dawson #2

    Mini Les is here, Matthew is still an unnatural shade of bright orange and I think we should start taking bets on how long it will take for this baby to be compared to big Les. As you were guys!
  8. G

    Charlotte Dawson (Charlottedawsy)

    I can’t stand her - seems like she’s putting on a massive act to make people like her. And that baby bump can’t be real or she’ll be the size of a house when the baby arrives!
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