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  1. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #47 One big undeclared ad but she still relies on flogging her dad

    A huge congratulations to @smellyfootballboots for our new thread title! 😘 The shitshow continues. In brief, a few more gullible people have signed up to the travel scam, there have been continuous flash sales on everything, they have leased a Porsche (which is probably a bribe to Pob) and...
  2. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #46 Chazza carries on with the Bellehblaster scam while Pob dips his wick in Amsterdam!

    A huge congratulations to @Sam5262 for our new thread title (shortened to fit!) πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸ₯‚ After the long-awaited weigh-in after the Maldives shitshow, Chazza is still claiming to be a size 10 and has put on 5lbs (yeah, and the rest!) 🐷 Pob went on a stag do to Amsterdam and Chazza was fuming...
  3. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #45 Nobody sane would ever touch Pob so leave the Blondie alone & shut ya fat gob!

    A huge thank you for all your votes for my new thread title! 😘 We are in the middle of The Maldives holiday and it's been an absolute shitshow so far. The boys are both sunburnt, Pob has found a new friend and the pair of them have been drunk in charge of the kids. Chazza was filmed gobbing...
  4. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #44 With her double chins & flabby gunt, we see through you Chazza you scamming old #@#$

    A huge thank you for your votes for our new thread title inspired by the scam diet. This Bellehblaster Plan is getting more ridiculous by the day. πŸ’― After the excess of Easter, the old house has apparently sold . We had the misfortune of seeing Pob in the bath and Chazza is back on Cameo...
  5. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #43 Beginner Blaster's fab, really chuffin good. I'm not gonna do it but you lot should!

    A huge congratulations to @Krm2011 for our new thread title. I had to shorten it as it was too long. You have won a traffic cone outfit!! 😘 A full recap of the last thread can be found in Wiki 19/20. Carry on Belters! Previous thread:-...
  6. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #42 Her vile behaviour is totally sick. Pob's drinking her breastmilk & picking his dick

    Thank you Belters for my new thread title suggestion. 😘 The last thread was full of gurning, tit-jiggling, force-feeding Jude c/o the help of the She Devil, who really needs to shave her forehead and Pob's notable absence. The Bellehblaster scam is in full throttle with her squeezing herself...
  7. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #41 I spy Pob's got a black eye, Jude's in his bedroom but Noah's not - why? πŸ€”

    Thank you for my new thread title Belters. 😘 Pretty self-explanatory! It's been a shitshow. A huge, massive shitshow and very unpleasant viewing to say the least. From the last thread, we saw F1 turning 3yrs old. Jude went into his own bedroom but F1 is still waiting for his one. Jude...
  8. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #40 Nobody cares about your pezza. 🀒 A family like yours belongs on Jezza!

    A huge congratulations to @jazzy22 for our new thread title! 😘 The Belters are so pleased that we have made you a meal from the Belleh Blaster Plan! πŸ˜‚ Chazza finally started the Beginner Blaster Plan weighing in at 11:11.6. None of the Belters believed this weight whatsoever. Apparently...
  9. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #39 A slut drop...? More a gut flop! 🐷

    Thank you all for your votes for my thread title which was inspired by this picture! πŸ˜‚ We had plenty of disgusting udder juggling whilst Chazza has been busy with panto and stuffing her face with food and drink. 🐷 Chazza announced the sad passing of Mo Moreland of The Roly Polys (RIP) a...
  10. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #38 With Pob's shaved bits & her saggy tits, disgusting is a word that fits!

    Thank you all for your votes for my thread title suggestion which was inspired from the Podcast of Lies regarding Pob shaving himself all over! 🀒 December is now upon us and the "Social Media Superstar" as she called herself is in a very low-budget Panto, has decorated Castle Greyskull like a...
  11. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #37 While Chazza is flaunting her belleh, Pob's on top of a tart giving it some welleh!

    A huge congratulations to @VC10 for our new thread title! Well done VC!! 😘 In the last thread we had a few treats such as a Pamela Pumpkin TikTok, Chazza doing a voice-over for Foxy Bingo including a stream with bingo balls floating down it, Chazza dressed as Blunder Woman, and a pissed-up...
  12. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #36 Is it fluff, is it leather? No, it's Grandad Les come back as a feather!

    A huge congratulations to our @plattyjoobs for our new thread title! 😘 (Inspired by Chazza finding a feather in her bed thinking it might be 'daddy'). It was a bumpy ride on the last thread with Baby Shuuuuude being admitted into hospital with RSV Bronchitis. Thankfully the little fella is...
  13. plattyjoobs

    Charlotte Dawson #35 not a has been but a never been, sheets aren’t clean, Pob’s not keen

    Thanks for the votes on my thread title, with inspiration from @Londonlady68 . Not sure what to recap as not much actually happened in the last thread apart from Chazza and the troll police thinking they had got one over on us. All seems to have gone quiet on that front, maybe someone finally...
  14. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #34 Don't waste time on Tattlers, be a mother - that's what matters.

    Congratulations to @plattyjoobs for our new thread title! 😘 For a recap of the previous thread, you can find highlights in Wiki 12. Chazza has started to expose a few Belters and has it in her head she will find whoever reported her to Social Services. Our new thread title couldn't be more...
  15. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #33 Social Services have got you rattled. It's your bad parenting, don't blame Tattle!

    A huge congratulations to @instagramliarsbumsonfire for our new thread title!! Chazza announced she had had another phone call from Social Services again saying that Noah is drunk and he's been seen with drink. They are also worried for the boys because of excessive alcohol. She then...
  16. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #32 When Pob said Jude had an erection, its time SS did an urgent inspection. 🀬

    Thank you all for your votes for our new thread title! 😘 The last thread moved very quickly. We have had a week of the baby being passed around like a rag doll, Noah manhandling the baby, heart-in-mouth footage of Jude being bathed in the kitchen sink, a double buggy with the baby facing the...
  17. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #31 Hey Jude, it's not that bad. Your mum's just obsessed with your dead Grandad!

    A huge congratulations to our belting @plattyjoobs for our new thread title! 😘 Baby boyo, Jude, is finally here and the Belters are already concerned about both of the boys' welfare. After yesterday's videos of Noah trapping the baby's arm, trying to pick him up, Matt not supporting his head...
  18. plattyjoobs

    Charlotte Dawson #30 Feral no 2 nearly due but all slob cares about is who shopped who!

    Congratulations to @louisababe for the excellent title! Will this be the thread where we meet Feral 2? Will Slob and Pob actually try to be decent parents? Will Noah ever get his own bed? Carry on Belters. Old...
  19. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #29 BabyChella was perfect for Jeremy Kyle. She looked like a freak and Pob ran a mile!

    Thank you all for the votes for my new thread title! πŸ’— BabyChella is now over and we only have a few weeks left until Baby Boyo is here! The clock is ticking! For a recap of the last thread, please see Wiki 11 for highlights! Carry on Belters! Previous thread...
  20. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #28 Still feeding that statchu chips n graveh. Pack it in Chazza, u look chuffin crazeh!

    Thanks for the votes for my new thread title with 39 votes! The results of our Poll are below! I bet Pob gets steaming tonight on the Stag Do!! πŸ˜‚ You will find notable points of the last thread in the Wiki (bottom of 10 and the beginning of 11). Carry on Belters! 😘 Previous thread...
  21. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #27 Social Services called but 'ur doing ur best'. Saw better parenting from Rose West!

    Thanks for your votes for my thread title - shortened to fit! For anybody new please read the Wiki (pink button at top of the page). Recap to follow! Carry on you Belters. Previous thread...
  22. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #26 Showing her clam not giving a damn but looking more like the Hunchback of Instagram!

    A huge congratulations to @Krm2011 for the belting thread title!! 😘 Recap to follow! Carry on you Belters!! Previous thread:
  23. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #25 Still moaning about trolls & Tattle. Read your new Wiki - that'll make you rattle!

    Thank you for all your votes for my suggestion for the new thread title!! 😘 We have finally got a new collective name - thanks to @Wills315! We are now officially known as The Belters which won with 31.4% of votes. Well done @Wills315. We have also finally got a Wiki, which is attached to...
  24. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #24 Pob's a plasterer, Slob's a disaster, all Nowhere eats is choc choc & pasta!

    A huge congratulations to @Hidingbehind69 for our belting new thread title! Well done! 😘 Recap to follow. Previous thread:
  25. CrazyBaldhead

    Charlotte Dawson #23 A freebie to London, what a thrill! No-urrr spent all his time on the window sill.

    A huge congratulations to @kermucklowe for the winning thread title! You have won a Dawsylicious make-over by Chazza to look just like Our Trace!!! πŸ˜… Recap to follow. Carry on my darlingsss!! Previous thread:-...