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  1. Old Soak

    Candace Cameron Bure #1 The trouble With Jojo

    I’m kind of annoyed with Candace Cameron Bure’s apology to JoJo. A grown mother angry with a teenager because Jojo dared to call her the rudest celebrity she’s ever met. Then CCB makes a rude video to prove she wasn’t rude. Jojo’s not lying or destroying reputations. Her experience with CCB...
  2. leigh213

    Natasha Bure

    Thought I would start a thread since I didn't see one. For anyone who doesn't know, Natasha is the daughter of Hallmark/ Full House's Candace Cameron Bure and she has a YT channel that's been going for a while but that's really moved on up in the numbers, with little useful content- so of...