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  1. Brogan Tate #32 Back to Disney without a care, has she mentioned her naturally thick hair?

    New thread title by @chlosib ! Had to shorten it as it was too long (sorry!) but this one got over 100 likes!
  2. BroganTate #31 No exciting content for the vlog, best get on Gumtree and find a Dog!

    Thanks to @Polkadotsx for the title.
  3. Brogan Tate #30 google it

    thanks to @gossgal for the new title! 🥳
  4. Brogan Tate #29 Self-obsessed, house a mess, not a single thought for the NHS

    shoutout to @Emmapism for the new thread title! Had a whopping 83 likes, so close between the top two most liked titles by one like / reaction!
  5. Brogan Tate #28 Piano slop, 75k flop and the 'I've not been on tattle in 4 years' strop

    With a total of 91 likes (at time of posting) the thread title goes to @LivingInABox !
  6. Brogan Tate #27 Thinks she’s Colleen Rooney, broke lockdown rules for an icecream scoopy

    Thanks to @Solo_2810 for the overwhelmingly popular title.
  7. Brogan Tate #26 The Chronicles of Brogan: The mole, the switch and the ill fitting wardrobe.

    Following on from that, title suggested by @Jess89 (thank you @Mjaumjau) continue here.
  8. Brogan Tate #25 Bone Idle Tate and the house that Benji built

    Thanks to @Gigglywink for the new thread title! 🥳
  9. Brogan Tate #24 The camel called, wants it’s toe back.

    Thanks to @blahblahbrogan for the new thread title! :LOL: Mod edit please don't forget to report to get threads closed!
  10. Brogan Tate #23 Does she wash up? She doesn’t wash up, does she clean up?

    .........No she never cleans up. She does nothing, Brogan does nothing. Thanks to @Laur91 :LOL: sorry was too long to fit it all in! First time doing the new thread hope it’s ok!😧
  11. Brogan Tate #22 read the “rum” and shut up.

    New’s a mix of suggestions from way back (@Elsass @RKerr91) continue here!
  12. Brogan Tate #21 What a time to be alive!

    Title suggested by @blahblahbrogan continue here. I’ve just watched the vlog and Jesus wept. A chicken bagel, cocktail sausages (?!?!) Crisps and a penguin... for lunch what is she doing 🤦‍♀️ she eats like an overweight toddler
  13. Brogan Tate #20 No 'rum' in my overalls!

    New thread, Continue here. thread name suggested by @Cupcake12 older threads;
  14. Brogan Tate #19 I got 99 instas and Bejis is one!

    New thread! With thanks to @Crouchay93 continue here. older threads
  15. Brogan Tate #18 Brogan’s Bingo (Wings) Win!

    Hey guys I'm back :P how is our favorite wreck?
  16. Brogan Tate #17 I put on my towel, read one email. Bogey how you feeling? Feeling overwhelmed!

    Well done @Laur91 for the title. Meant to be read in the same tune as Lizzo - Good as hell. Works so well 😂
  17. Brogan Tate #16 Wants to make it big but she can’t hack the hustle

    Did you know that her wellies don’t fit around her leg muscles!! There was a lot of different suggestions so grabbed one that looked quite popular! thanks to @blindandb0ujee and hope this one is ok to go with. continue here!
  18. Brogan Tate #15 Agent 007. Tate, Brogan Tate. Regular, not salted.

    New title suggested by @Laur91 continue here. (fucking weighted blanket 🙄 are you ACTUALLY kidding me. I thought they were used to reduce anxiety not to pacify lazy idiots, brogan you need the opposite of a weighted blanket, a kick up the arse perhaps 🙂)
  19. Brogan Tate #14 More Mooney Than Sense!

    New thread thanks to @gossgal continue here m’loves ! 🤭 But don’t get overwhelmed!
  20. Brogan Tate #13 How to run four instagram accounts and alienate people!

    Thread title comes from @Emmapism continue!!
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