brogan tate

  1. Brogan Tate #15 Agent 007. Tate, Brogan Tate. Regular, not salted.

    New title suggested by @Laur91 continue here. (fucking weighted blanket 🙄 are you ACTUALLY kidding me. I thought they were used to reduce anxiety not to pacify lazy idiots, brogan you need the opposite of a weighted blanket, a kick up the arse perhaps 🙂)
  2. Brogan Tate #14 More Mooney Than Sense!

    New thread thanks to @gossgal continue here m’loves ! 🤭 But don’t get overwhelmed!
  3. Brogan Tate #13 How to run four instagram accounts and alienate people!

    Thread title comes from @Emmapism continue!!
  4. Brogan Tate #12 Sailing the Med, big swollen head, allergies gone so back on the bread!

    Thanks to @Highlandcow for the title!! Continue here 🙂
  5. Brogan Tate #11 Contents crap, getting fat, eating £25 m&ms out of Bongos lap.

    New thread guys, changed Benji to Bongo cz why not 😂
  6. Brogan Tate #10 Lasagne kits, nothing fits, festering in her Disney pit

    Thank you Thecolourrainbow for the kickass title (55 likes!!) :love: (Special mention to missmarguerited Brogain Weight: Deleted Comments Cringe and Salted Caramel M&Ms Binge 29 likes)
  7. Brogan Tate #9 Spent her money on a salt grinder mouse, but can’t afford a ducking house

    New thread. Previous threads
  8. Brogan Tate #8 Never eats her veggies and always has a wedgie

    Thanks to @disneys for the most liked title I found! Sorry if anyone else’s was better or more liked, the page said it needed a new thread! Here’s to some more great chats about brogie and banjo, and them awesome memes from @Meg1912 !
  9. Brogan Tate #7 Super-cali-lazy-gifted-hairy-blubby-gross-est

    New thread Emmapism came up with the title!! Older threads (1-7)
  10. Brogan Tate #6 Buying Disney trash with charity cash

    Part 6 of Brogan Tate thread So excited for more piccies like this, get down the gym in preparation Benji Thanks to @beebee86 for the thread suggestion with the most votes
  11. Brogan Tate #5 She’s got 52 problems but begging ain’t one

    Credit @disneys for the title!
  12. Brogan Tate #4 - 52 but her periods always due!

    New thread for grotty brogie, thank you Disneys for the title!
  13. Brogan Tate #3 - 50 and Fabulous, Filthy and Ravenous!

    thread name was from disneys as it had the most likes when I looked :)
  14. Brogan Tate #2 BrogAD moaney everyone else is to blame while she begs with no shame

    Thread 2 for BrogAD Tate, In the words and nasally voice of Broggie “I’m very excited” that she’s now got a second thread! Thanks to @blindandb0ujee for the thread name.
  15. BrogAd Tate - failed at Slimming World and Friendless at Disney World

    Hoping some of you also watch Brogan Tate! Looking forward to seeing the inevitable Disney world meltdown with Benjo.