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  1. disneys

    Brogan Tate #99 problems but Benji’s tumour ain’t one

    If you’re having health problems I feel bad for you son , I got 99 problems but Benji’s tumour ain’t one ! thanks @chlosib for the amazing title for our 99th !!!!! Brogan thread couldnr think of a funnier poll for this one but I will brain storm for the next thread … we are nearly at 100 baby...
  2. disneys

    Brogan Tate #98 Gut fully lined, Benji left behind, it's time to ride Comic Rewind

    Amazing title by @TJ789 💜💜 let the chat about the Disney vlogs commence !!!
  3. disneys

    Brogan Tate #97 C U Next Tuesday

    New brogan thread , title by the wonderful @Venom Brogan is currently on a press trip with actual proper journalists and a handful of influencers to WDW . We are not sure how she made the cut ! She is wearing her toddler outfits and rotating her 9 pairs of ears and parading smugly around next...
  4. mrsrh

    Brogan Tate #96 All are bored! 🛳

    A new thread just in time for the second round of trek America! Thread title courtesy of @Moot22
  5. disneys

    Brogan Tate #95 Stuffing her face on another trip, careful Broges - you're going to sink the ship!

    I’m here to make a new thread !!! Having a baby who doesn’t sleep is good for something at least !!! thread title was a combined effort between me and @Venom ! Tattle dream team ❤️ she’s on a cruise , she’s eating more than most eat in a month in a week … and that’s What you missed on glee !!
  6. disneys

    Brogan Tate #94 Iona lot of junk

    NEW THREAD !!! Brogie and banjo are off on a parents day out to make a children’s meal kit with Ocado , who she has never shopped with nor mentioned !! On parenting hell this week , Josh Widdacome said how much his daughter loved the traffic lights burgers brogan is making today …. His daughter...
  7. disneys

    Brogan Tate #93 She’s 28…. stone

    New Bogie Tat thread m’loves !!! Thread title was most liked and by our dear @Venom , but honourable mention to @D.W's Library Card for their fab suggestion (and also for their dad!!) @Mable912 I leave to you to recap as you are recap GOD 💘
  8. mrsrh

    Brogan Tate #92 She can’t believe she’s wearing an engagement ring & neither can we

    Here we go again @Venom for the win but credit to @D.W's Library Card Dad
  9. disneys

    Brogan Tate #91 Benji's so desperate to flee, the photographer had to tell him to get down on one knee

    NEW BOGIE THREAD !!! Thanks to epic @Venom for the thread title ! a staged proposal a tonne of Tat from shop disney a second hand sofa in the kitchen Whatever next?!!
  10. mrsrh

    Brogan Tate #90 After lots of beggin she's finally engaged, we knew all along hun - it was all so staged

    @Venom officially winning the week with the most likes - nearly as many as mine for #87 😜
  11. disneys

    Brogan Tate #89 One week it’s a heart tumour, the next an engagement rumour

    Thanks to @Patmullins1 for the title !! It was the most liked but now we know it wasn’t just a rumour …. Benji bloody put a ring on it ! Oh my god , she’s engaged ! I was so wrong 🤣 haven’t seen the heart balloons yet , perhaps they were a gift ??? also very telling that she said nothing...
  12. disneys

    Brogan Tate #88 Girl, are you a benign tumour because you take my breath away

    HELLO M’LOVES ! Welcome to Brogie Tate 88 ! It rhymes ! Thanks to @Moot22 for the thread title which had over 100 likes :) I’ll leave to @Mable912 to recap 🥰 and come back @gossgal , we miss you !!
  13. Notbossmummy

    Brogan Tate #87 Tuesday Benji was dying and by Friday they were flying.

    All credit to @mrsrh for this amazing thread title. Recap - we almost went a full thread with absolute radio silence from Brogan. She broke the silence by letting us know Benji was in hospital awaiting open heart surgery. He soon made a miraculous recovery and off to dubai they went!
  14. Hugh Jass

    Brogan Tate #86th attempt at reading the same book

    Continue here Thread title thanks to @bogeybrogey
  15. Venom

    Brogan Tate #85 Fraser doesn’t know where the clit is, and Benji only knows where Bianca’s is

    New thread, Well done to @mediocrehouseplant on the winning title. Looking forward to @Mable912 's recap :D Let's get tattlin' on this new slog vlog
  16. disneys

    Brogan Tate #84 Benji simply isn’t Pinterested

    Welcome to Brogan 84 !!! 90 is creeping up on us ladies & gents ….. Amazing title by @bogeybrogey 🤩 I leave to @Mable912 for one of her fab recaps … remember guys … same dick forever 🤪
  17. disneys

    Brogan Tate #83 pub lunches in a week

    New thread !! This was the most liked title as far as I could see - a brilliant suggestion from @candyland_ ! I now leave to @Mable912 to do one of her awesome recaps !!! And @Venom to bring the edits of dreams !! 😄 Also , the winner of our best brogan moment of 2021 was ….. obviously I’ve...
  18. disneys

    Brogan Tate #82 never the bridesmaid, never the bride

    New brogan thread !! Happy new year m’loves ! Unless banjo pops the big Q tomorrow , it seems like brogan ain’t getting a 2021 proposal 💍 This amazing title was by @Luisa18 with over 100 likes ! 🪄 @Mable912 i hand over to you to recap mooney’s trip to the cotsworlds !
  19. disneys

    Brogan Tate #81 Content is slack, diet is cack, leggings feel like lurpak

    New thread m’loves - with title by @Pop!91 !! Gonna leave it to recap Queen @Mable912 to serve us what’s been happening at Mooney Mansion !! EDIT ; made an error , should be thread 81 ! Have asked mods to change it
  20. disneys

    Brogan Tate #80 Went to Majorca to eat like an Orca

    NEW THREAD M’LOVES !!! Incredible title by @Notbossmummy im afraid I’m in the middle of moving house which is why I’ve been quite quiet so I haven’t consumed much of bogie’s content lately so someone else might have to do a recap x
  21. disneys

    Brogan Tate #79 Girl, guide us to some better content

    You asked , I delivered ! Fab title by @Moot22 I’m afraid I can’t deliver on a recap as the London vlog is the first thing I’ve watched of hers in over a week , and I’m Brogie blocked on Instagram ! 😜 if someone else could take the baton this time around , I’d be grateful x
  22. Hugh Jass

    Brogan Tate #78 Pig in a blanket

    Title by @bogeybrogey
  23. disneys

    Brogan Tate #77 Trying to get engaged to one up Beth, Benj said “don’t hold your breath”

    Thanks to @Venom for the new title for this 77th brogan thread ! I had to chop it down to fit but it was originally “Brogan Tate #77 Trying to get engaged to one up Beth, but as Benji said “don’t hold your breath”’ 😅 So , what’s new in Mooney mansion this week ?? - We have been treated to 3...
  24. disneys

    Brogan Tate #76 Spend all my money as quick as I’m able, anyone have an ethanol cable?

    Thanks for the amazing title from @labordelaise12 … sorry I had to change it a bit to fit but it was Brogan Tate #76 Spending all my money as quick as I’m able, does anyone have a spare ethanol cable? Soooo what’s been happening in Mooney mansion ? well … - the garden is finally done ...
  25. disneys

    Brogan Tate #75 She’s blessed, stressed and making Benji depressed

    Welcome to a new bogie thread m’loves ! Thank you to @Laur91 for the epic thread title !! I can’t believe we are on thread 75 !!! This is cause for celebration ! So what’s been happening in Mooney mansion ? We’ve had 2 vlogs since our last thread : a home vlog and a vlog of the Disney event...
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