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  1. disneys

    Brogan Tate #117 Eyes dart about like a ball in a court, eats disney snacks like its a sport

    New thread !! Thanks @nopecandy for the thread title :) Happy tattling m’loves
  2. disneys

    Brogan Tate #116 An XL in spirit jerseys, an XS in brains

    First thread of 2023 !!!!! Happy new year Tattlers 😘 this title is by the wonderful @Venom 💕 and your top brogan moment from last year was ….. when she made out Benji was dying and then jetted off to Dubai 2 days later !!!! 👏🏻 special mention to her DLP dancing which was the second most...
  3. disneys

    Brogan Tate #115 Bathing with Cheetos, hairline Devito, separate beds cos no libido.

    Amazing title of our last thread of 2022 (??) is by @Tabitha 💕 AS PROMISED … it is time for the Mooney of the Year awards 2022 so I have collated all your responses for best Mooney Moment (tm) of the year and added them to this poll . All of these moments are from this year .. so while sugar...
  4. disneys

    Brogan Tate #114 Boobs on the table, tumour is a fable, troughing more grub than 2 horses in a stable

    New thread , title by @Donald73 :) merry Disney vlog-mas to one & all ! We get the first one tomorrow … and they better be motion picture quality wit 60 hours of editing time !! please also use this thread to state your favourite (or least favourite !!) brogan moments of 2022 so we can do a...
  5. disneys

    Brogan Tate #113 days a year spent with Bonnie

    New thread my loves !!! Thanks @Jess89 for this accurAte and hilarious title !!! I have to say goinf to look for the new thread title brings me so much joy because I have to go on the most liked bit for the thread & I get to relive all the hilarity ! You guys are the best 😘 brog is in Disney...
  6. disneys

    Brogan Tate #112 I came up with this title whilst I was on a cruise xo

    New bogie thread ladies and gents !!! Thanks to Lord @Venom (of the Tattle Venoms) for the title . Bogs and Bench went on a cruise Bogs and Bench drank lots of booze Bogs and Bench have complexions so red If they keep eating like they do they’ll end up …. DisneyWorld in 2 weeks m’loves ...
  7. disneys

    Brogan Tate #111 She Finds Humour, in Benji’s Tumour

    New title by our Lord and savouir @Venom ❤️
  8. disneys

    Brogan Tate #110 You know your life is tragic when Benji is the “magic”

    New title by @Moot22 & it is an excellent one in my opinion !!! 🥰 happy tattling m’loves
  9. disneys

    Brogan Tate #109 She's off to AK with Lever, with her jumpsuit halfway up her beaver

    An incredible @Venom title again ! ❤️ happy tattling m’loves !
  10. disneys

    Brogan Tate #108 Just to reiterate, she's illiterate

    Absolutely stunning title from our one , our only …. @Venom !!!! 💞 carry on m’loves !!!
  11. disneys

    Brogan Tate #107 Living her best 3/5 life

    New thread m’loves !!! Title by @originalusername2021 ❤️ I haven’t watched her latest videos so could someone else recap please ? She’s booked WDW for December , Benji still off work , her hair still looks shit … that’s all I think there is to report 🤣 Oh and she’s gone quiet on reading...
  12. disneys

    Brogan Tate #106 she’ll read anything, except the room

    NEW THREAD !! I wonder if Brogan has added tattle to her TBR list … ? 🤔 Amazing title by @D.W's Library Card ❤️ Brogan is on a book hype but will only read modern chick lit . She had a “well deserved” week off and a trip to the New Forest . She confirmed their wedding is booked . And … I...
  13. disneys

    Brogan Tate #105 Brag On Tat xoxo

    New thread m’loves with a fabulous title suggestion from none other than @LolitaBlah she’s on a break , supposedly ! That’s it 🤣
  14. disneys

    Brogan Tate #104 she puts the HOG in Hogwarts

    New thread m’loves - title by the wonderful @Venom 🧡 I haven’t been keeping up as on my holibobs so if someone else could recap that would be grand x
  15. disneys

    Brogan Tate #103 Big Thunder Mooney and Tumour of Terror

    New thread !!! Amazing title by none other than @Laur91 she’s been quite boring , and that’s all I have to report !
  16. disneys

    Brogan Tate #102 packing cubes and camel hooves

    It’s brogan 102 ladies and gents !!!! Thanks so much @Luisa18 for the thread title !!! Brogan’s Mooney jiggle jiggles , and bloats ! Bogey is back from DLP , hinting at WDW at the end of the year and is off to Tenerife next week Benji is still not back at work
  17. disneys

    Brogan Tate #101 She's Greedy and she's Kooky, queued an hour for a Cookie

    Wooo woooo it’s Brogan 101 - can we put her in room 101? Amazing title by @Venom .. !!! 💕 She’s back from Disney ….. and now she’s back in Disney !!! With her professional +1 in tow . She’s already cried on Instagram and shared an awfully cringey reel .. looking forward to seeing how cringy...
  18. disneys

    Brogan Tate #100 Disney snacks and crying like a looney - BTM that's Big Thunder Mooney

    WELCOME TO THE 100TH BROGAN TATE THEAD !!!!! 🥂 We are here folks !!! 100 threads with 1000 posts on each , you do the math , that’s a whole lotta Bogie Tat ! We made it to 100 ! Uaaauuuuuu !!! I’ve been here since thread 1 and I can’t believe we are here !! 100 threads of just another manic...
  19. disneys

    Brogan Tate #99 problems but Benji’s tumour ain’t one

    If you’re having health problems I feel bad for you son , I got 99 problems but Benji’s tumour ain’t one ! thanks @chlosib for the amazing title for our 99th !!!!! Brogan thread couldnr think of a funnier poll for this one but I will brain storm for the next thread … we are nearly at 100 baby...
  20. disneys

    Brogan Tate #98 Gut fully lined, Benji left behind, it's time to ride Comic Rewind

    Amazing title by @TJ789 💜💜 let the chat about the Disney vlogs commence !!!
  21. disneys

    Brogan Tate #97 C U Next Tuesday

    New brogan thread , title by the wonderful @Venom Brogan is currently on a press trip with actual proper journalists and a handful of influencers to WDW . We are not sure how she made the cut ! She is wearing her toddler outfits and rotating her 9 pairs of ears and parading smugly around next...
  22. mrsrh

    Brogan Tate #96 All are bored! 🛳

    A new thread just in time for the second round of trek America! Thread title courtesy of @Moot22
  23. disneys

    Brogan Tate #95 Stuffing her face on another trip, careful Broges - you're going to sink the ship!

    I’m here to make a new thread !!! Having a baby who doesn’t sleep is good for something at least !!! thread title was a combined effort between me and @Venom ! Tattle dream team ❤️ she’s on a cruise , she’s eating more than most eat in a month in a week … and that’s What you missed on glee !!
  24. disneys

    Brogan Tate #94 Iona lot of junk

    NEW THREAD !!! Brogie and banjo are off on a parents day out to make a children’s meal kit with Ocado , who she has never shopped with nor mentioned !! On parenting hell this week , Josh Widdacome said how much his daughter loved the traffic lights burgers brogan is making today …. His daughter...
  25. disneys

    Brogan Tate #93 She’s 28…. stone

    New Bogie Tat thread m’loves !!! Thread title was most liked and by our dear @Venom , but honourable mention to @D.W's Library Card for their fab suggestion (and also for their dad!!) @Mable912 I leave to you to recap as you are recap GOD 💘
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