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  1. S

    Brittany Bathgate #2 Buying things to fill the gaping hole in her personality

    Thank you to @snarkvark for the title suggestion (I’m hoping it was a suggestion it was the only one I could find for a few pages that was a singular line even though it was a while ago, this is my first thread made and I did struggle to find title suggestions so apologies if I’ve messed up)...
  2. Gossiperina

    Brittany Bathgate Rave

    Hi! As things are getting heated in the general one, let's have this one as a rave about.
  3. Gossiperina

    Brittany Bathgate

    I personally love her, I don't know how I could have survived the lockdown without her vlogs - very refreshing. I love her fashion sense (it wouldn't look good on me but I appreciate it on her) and her general aesthetic. I really hope she goes back to blogging as well as I loved reading her blog :)