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  1. NoHintOfDrama

    BeckiJones4 #101 Denial is a river in Ellesmere Port

    New Fred Title thanks to @Venom
  2. plattyjoobs

    BeckiJones4 #100 Couldn't fit in a plane seat, so just having another treat

    Happy 100th fredum, title courtesy of @Venom . Also dropping one of their masterpieces below along with @planetjupiter portrait. Old fred:
  3. Venom

    BeckiJones4 #98 Triggered by Riptor, needs to get a griptor

    Happy New thread everywun, winning title was by @gigi_93 with 55 likes ! An Ice Koweld Kowekk for you. In summary : Happy Tattlin' Bisonettes
  4. Sertraline Queen

    Beckijones4 #97 90% head, 10% face, 100% n

    Fort I’d better make a new fred before I head out.
  5. goldie341

    Beckijones4 #96 I live at home, I'm 50 stone, I'm made of grease and n on my niece

    Thread title @Diagoras20 💛 kebabums x2 for youm Quick recapum: - Fat - Greasy - Not special needs just a bit of a cunt - Pitta titties - Naan, dead. Rickets, dead. Becki, probably soon to be dead. - Has a wet room, washes bum with stick Chinese/chippy debate is off the table Thankfully still...
  6. RandomAlpaca22

    Beckijones4 #95 Mum don’t come in I’m doin a video crying about Dead Dog

    Newm thread fank youuuum @Sertraline Queen for your suggestium, if that makes sensum. - still a fat obese toddler - rickets dead - no she does not have a cpap machine - no she does not have special needs - no almond mumming, we don't care how many nuggets your child does or doesn't eat June...
  7. Sertraline Queen

    Beckijones4 #94 Puts that wee motor on like a jacket

    I’ve made a new fred with big thanks to Reddit Bisonette Emotionoodle for the title 🫡. and @goldie341 for bringing it to our attention and suggesting it 😆
  8. NoHintOfDrama

    BeckiJones4 #93 The 6th stage of grief Butterfly chicken

    Thanks to @gigilouxx for the fred title!
  9. RandomAlpaca22

    BeckiJones4 #92 Noncey Sinatra These hooves are made for stomping

    Happy new threadum day everywunnnn!!!! Big fank youuuum to @Sertraline Queen for your winning threadum suggestium. (PS mods I hope this title is ok if not please can we just have BeckiJones4 92# these hooves are made for stomping fank youm🥰) - still a raging nonce - making small changes -...
  10. Venom

    BeckiJones4 #91 BeckiJones4koftas

    winning title by @GlitteryKitten an Ice Kowld can of Kowekk for you ❤ as we were everywunn
  11. NoHintOfDrama

    BeckiJones4 #90 “My niece, my best friend, my sunshine and inspiration"

    :sick: --- There were lots of most liked comments, I just tried to find one that fitted! Thanks to @Sawna
  12. Diddikins

    BeckiJones4 #89 Bison Scrandela

    Newm Fred guys! title thanks to @LifeOfMog and @gigilouxx anyone fancy doing a recap?
  13. goldie341

    Becki Jones #88 Her eating habits make us heave, lets take a trip to the Port with Gigi and Steve

    Fred title @chlosib Do we need a recap? Nonce, obese, smug, ugly, selfish, pitta tits, greasy, no taste, dead dog and naan. Being stalked by coach trip tattlers ‘tracker woman’ and Steven. Anyfing else? --- Also no Becki sucking dick pictures please not to be dramatic but I will kill myself.
  14. NoHintOfDrama

    Becki Jones #87 Too fat to stomp but likes to observe, scrannin a suitcase and bein a perv

    Thanks to @cainielad most liked thread title --- Previous fred:
  15. Diddikins

    Becki Jones #86 Bison is twerking when she should be working!

    New thread - title courtesy of @jazzy22 Anyone want to recap?
  16. plattyjoobs

    BeckiJones4 #85 Becki’s polluting the port with her breath, Ricket’s getting even closer to death

    New threadum, title courtesy of @amb1505. Here we go: Old thread
  17. Rach88

    BeckiJones4 #84 Wibble Wobble Wibble Wobble take away her plate

    Funny thread title suggestion by @chlosib these keep getting better and better New thread everyoum hopefully we all know the rules by now or I'll set @soph30 jokes on this thread till everyone learns, x
  18. Rach88

    BeckiJones4 #83 Couch to 600k (g)

    Thread title suggestion by @fopperbollocks which again is so funny New Fred Only recap that's needed is she's still eating her way to a early grave and celebrated her 600k followers Rules are as usual No guessing what she weighs, too much is the only acceptable answer No she dosent have a...
  19. Rach88

    Becki Jones #82 Jurassic Pork the lost meal prep

    Excellent thread title suggestion by @Instafamous1 gonna be chuckling at this one all thread haha New threadum every1um Rules are No almond mummying No guessing what she weighs answer is to much No she dosent have cpap machine we don't know or care what that mark is on her nose No she, dosent...
  20. K

    BeckiJones4 #81 Clothes Shrinking, Breath Stinking, Ricketts Sinking; Boner Pinking & Frowback Finking

    hi everywunnnn, noom fred!! Title by @amb1505 with contributions by @chattypatty and @Sertraline Queen read the wiki for a laugh. * Noum, Becki doesn’t have special needs * Noum, we don’t care that you get full for a week of one teaspoon of rice And remember, just be bluddi kind and don’t...
  21. goldie341

    BeckiJones4 #80 A Hamwich short of a picnic

    Fred title by @Mrsptobe Obese nonce cpap machine fat fingers haunted dog blah blah blah youm know the drill
  22. Rach88

    BeckiJones4 #79 Not Dead, Over Fed, Broke Her Bed

    Brilliant Thread title suggestion by @amb1505 New thread guysss Rules are No guessing how much she weighs she gets bigger by the hour and we don't care No almond mummying No asking what that mark is on her nose we don't care No she didn't pass away Second update no she dosent have a cpap...
  23. Rach88

    BeckiJones4 #78 Hair full of grease, morbidly obese, very much obsessed with her niece

    Thread title suggestion by @LifeOfMog with a credit to @Rita. New thread Rules are No we don't care how much she weighs too much is the acceptable answer No almond mummying No we have no idea what that mark is on her nose again we don't care Happy tattling everyum
  24. NoHintOfDrama

    BeckiJones4 #77 Easter Legs

    Do your worst, Bisonettes! The title had over 100 likes Thanks @4yogits ---