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  1. Sertraline Queen

    Beckijones4 #74 Beynonce 24/7% of the time

    --- Sorry I can’t remember who to credit for fred title.
  2. Sertraline Queen

    Beckijones4 #73 Tubby custard, eyes the colour of mustard, under 18s get her flustered

    Fankyoum @user726 for the fred title!
  3. Rach88

    BeckiJones4 #71 Celebrating the year of the Dragon by turning into a Food Wagon

    Thread title suggestion by @Venom carry on folks 😂 Not much to recap apart from as per although you lot are feral 😂 Becki seems to think because she's walking more (ha next joke) that shes allowed a extra 3000 calories to make up for it and poor gigi has been extra extra busy with the takeaway...
  4. Rach88

    BeckiJones 4 #70 Her neck, her back, big fat gunt and flat arse crack 🎶

    Excellent thread title suggestion by @LloydsBoosters 😂 No becki does not have special needs We do not need to guess how much she weighs answer is too much
  5. goldie341

    Beckijones4 #69 box of meat, big fat feet, just another takeaway treat

    Thread title from @user726 - The fat cunt’s dad is very ill, she couldn’t give less of a shit - She weighs over 20 stone - She does not have a learning disability - Nonce - Bone idle virgin Anything else?
  6. Diddikins

    BeckiJones #68 Fatty

    New thread - title thanks to @gdennis20 Can’t believe how quick the last thread went! Bec Bec has had a hair cut and a few highlights and is loving herself at the moment. Shes still only done three walks but has had a few more takeaways. Still obsessed with Paige. As you were bisonettes
  7. Diddikins

    BeckJones4 #67 Too sad to do her “job” but not too sad to shovel garlic bread in her gob

    New thread - title thanks to @Mrsptobe Read the Wiki Recap: - she’s been on three walks (about half hour each) - has managed to eat about 17 takeaways/meals out - Rickets still lives - Did a sad post about some bad news but looked more distressed when she found that Frankie and Bennys had...
  8. K

    BeckiJones4 #66 Face like Pumba, got no bunda. Starting to look like a big brown gumba

    Thanks to @user726 for the Fred title, two kebabum for yoom If you’re new here, click the pink Wiki button. No one cares that you only ate 1 shred of iceberg lettuce in the whole of 2023 and no, beckatron doesn’t have special needs. Fank yoom and welcome to the funniest fred on tattle carry on...
  9. goldie341

    Beckijones4 #65 31 stone, 31 years old, 31 IQ

    Happy new threadum, everywun! (thread title @Rodeodown suggested by @mumaof2boys)
  10. U

    BeckiJones4 #64 Run of the Mill Fat Ting

    New threadum for takeaway Friday Joint effort by @gigilouxx and @kayefeluu20 foe the name.
  11. NoHintOfDrama

    Beckijones4 #63 She looks like Hagrid

    Knock yourselves out! --- Thanks @Venom for the fred title
  12. K

    BeckiJones4 #62 Boobs resting on her belly, sat like toad of toad hall

    Had to go with this for Fred title @gigilouxx merry crespmas
  13. RandomAlpaca22

    BeckiJones4 #59 Huge Hefner

    Hi everywunnnn. Welcome to another thread for Bison Becz. There didn't appear to be any suggestions, so congrats and thanks to @gigi_93 for her observation of someone on tiktok referring to her as Huge Hefner, I think it's really fitting for the wildebeest. Previous threadum...
  14. Sertraline Queen

    Beckijones4 #58 I can taste the taste

    Our helfy kween is still gaining weight, welcome Bisonettes to fred 58! Congrats to @user726 for the fred title
  15. H

    Beckijones4# 57 don’t let things affect you, or they’ll end up affecting you

    New thread title by @user726. An inspiring quote by Becki, Home Bargainsum are apparently using it for their newest home range! continue on my pretties!
  16. NoHintOfDrama

    BeckiJones4 #56 Bum on backwards, and eyes of yellow, Rickets is a bendy legged fellow!

    Previous thread:
  17. Rach88

    Beckijones4 #55 Gym membership dead, kidney bean shaped head, not long before she won’t be able to get out of bed

    Thread title by @user726 😅 These keep getting better New thread if that makes sensum Link to previous thread
  18. Sertraline Queen

    Beckijones4 #54 Wasting the resources of A&E, for her obesity related sore knee

    I’m having a nightmare day at work & don’t have time to contribute much so I made us a noum fread hope you like it if that makes senseum?
  19. Sertraline Queen

    Beckijones4 #53 30 stone Jones & her cheese toastie fanny-hammocks

    Welcome to Fred 53 everywunnnn! Fankyoum soum soum much to Diagoras20 for the Tattle breaking trauma title, enjoy your cheese strings if that makes senseum.
  20. Sertraline Queen

    Beckijones4 #52 Tell you who should have pulled out.... IAN JONES

    Welcome to Fred 52 everywuuun! Congrats to Lonewolf for the title 🤣🤣🤣
  21. Rach88

    Becki Jones #51 The Ports biggest nonce, erection fingers and a big fat bonce

    Fred title suggestion by @Elliesmum13 New theardum yay
  22. K

    BeckiJones4 #50 stone

    Excellent thread title, giving credit to both @user726 and @Venom - both suggested the same and had similar likes! Hi everywun and welcome to Fred 50 if that makes senseum! We’re 10 days into October and Becki (Short for Rebecca) has already spent nearly £100 on takeaways. She’s been away to...