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  1. gimm3more

    Beckijones4 #13 she no work she only burger an chip

    New thread for our big buffalo Beck xo congrats @yoo.hoo on most liked comment for the thread name 😂
  2. gimm3more

    Beckijones4 #12 Hefty heifer with breezeblock feet, all she does is eat eat eat!

    New thread for our fave gal who’s hitting all the 30s - years, stones and maccies a week xx
  3. Squashedbanana

    Beckijones4 #11 A Macdonald’s a dayum won’t keep the doctor awayum (for much longer)

    Thank youm to @GoldHoops for the new thread title
  4. hakunamatata11111

    Beckijones4 #10 Mcfleury or fruitbag is funny no more, carry on BeckBeck pitta bits, u won't fit through t’door

    Thread title courtesy of @LloydsBoosters and a special mention of pitta tits by popular demand from many in the last thread!
  5. R

    Becki Jones #9 Chinfluencer Beck with her tyre neck. Kinderlingus in bed with her Boeing 747 head.

    New thread time! @HaventAClue wins thread title! Not much to say other than our becks is still waving that fork about and stomping about with her breeze block feet. Last thread saw the birth of some excellent posts, chinfluencer, Boeing becki, tyre neck beck, wardrobe etc Let's see what...
  6. chlo_bby3

    Beckijones4 #8 McDonnums, mayum and tango ice blast treats, when Becki dances will she ever move her feet?

    New thread title comes from @Brainkits
  7. Mrskane29

    Beckijones4 #7 Big chunks and chicken fighs, Becki Jones eats all the pies!

    Winning thread suggestion!
  8. Q

    Beckijones4 #6 Another day, another videum, all fings Becki with a nice kinder buenum

    Thank you to @indigochimney for the thread title suggestion. Kinder bueneum in the post for youm! Becki is still the same Becki as she was in thread #1. • Still gets her ma to chauffeur her around everywhere to local hotspots including Lidl, Asda and the most exciting one - NISA!! • She still...
  9. wineanddine

    Beckijones4 #5 Shaky fork B, eyes rolling to the ceiling. Vidyums and potatyums has got tattle reeling.

    Thankyou to @RachRN86 for the thread name!! Someone will probably be able to do a much better recap but here’s a basic one. Our Becky is still much of the same HOWEVER this seems to be her longest stint of eating healthier than she has done before - seems to be a little decrease on her...
  10. Howdyhi

    Beckijones4 #4 I am fierceness, I am clever, I am bright. I eat takeaways every single night.

    HI EVERYONE! New thread already! Thanks to @emjayx for the hilarious thread title after Becki’s infamous “I am women” video. Someone may want to do a better recap but Becki is still eating takeaways pretty much every day at the point and has provided us with some pretty hilarious...
  11. teatalks

    Beckijones4 #3 Don’t be fooled by the crap merch that I flog, I’m still I’m still just Becki from Tiktok

    Thanks to @kittypaws for the thread title!
  12. LadyB65

    BeckiJones4 #2 TikTok, travelodges and takeaways

    Thread # 2, continue.... Thanks to @NC2020 for the winning title suggestion!
  13. H

    Beckijones4 / Becki Jones

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on Becki? She comes up on my FYP and honestly... I don’t get her? She gets a bit of hate but she also has people that absolutely lick her arse too much! It’s the fact she’s got an amazon wish list with cake mixes and random shit on that she gets her followers to buy...
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