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    Beckiejbrown #4 Whether she’s bi or whether she’s straight, fake ADHD means love has to wait

    Previous thread: Beckiejbrown #3 Moan of Arc | Tattle Life Recap: - She's been dropping hints that she's bi - Now her migraines have lessened, she claims that she's more manic and has so many thoughts in her brain that are so intelligent and complex that no neurotypical could comprehend - Her...
  2. Vidyagaymes

    Beckiejbrown #3 Moan of Arc

    Link to the last thread: Recap: Beckie is autistic, did you know? Apparently it has become the ex<s>planation<\s>cuse for everything that has ever happened in her life. She’s still filming herself. All.The.Time...
  3. YTZeleb23

    BeckieJBrown #2 She's a powerhouse! She just is!

    Previous thread No title suggestion so used inspiration from this post.
  4. kirkvanhouten


    Haven't seen a thread on her. I know there are a few trichers here so wondered if anyone still follows her now she is older? I've found as she has got older, the more irritating i have found her.