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  1. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #136 Asa Was Stricken by Knock Me Up Chicken.

    Bok Bok Bok! Gitmo baby! 😂 A great ❌⭕️❌⭕️ and Thank You to @Noir Fan for crafting such a perfect thread title to keep our Tattle train rolling on down the tracks. 😻 Perfect Timing, Moobie! Vlog posted just in time for our new thread. Tricksy Dickydoo.😂
  2. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #135 Missing Teacher, Missing Mole, Dusty Peloton and White-Board Goals.

    A MAAAAASSSSIVE round of applause and a huge Thank You to our Tattler @RocketQueen for providing us with a thread title that is nothing short of sheer puuuurfection!😻😘😻 Tequila Tuesday Ladies and Gents….🐽wee🐽 Tattle on! 😍
  3. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #134 Don’t Tell Pig Her Skin Looks Like Salami. If You Do She’ll Tell Her Mommy.

    A huge congratulations and a Pig Gunt sized Thank You to our Tattler @SCCOct66 for a puuuurfect, hilarious new thread title. ❤️😻❤️ Happy Sunday! Happy New Thread!
  4. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #133 Humpty Dumpty Sat by the Pool, Snorting and Chortling Like a Salami Skinned Fool.

    A big round of applause to all of you Tattlers. ❤️ Another successful thread in the books. With Home Daycare in full effect, as well as Pig woofing down ice cream cones in one tusk numbing bite, I have no doubt this thread will prove to be an absolute hoot.😍 TATTLE ON YOU THUPER CUTE TATTLERTH!
  5. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #132 Can Isaiah Put Mommy on his Shoulders? Hell No! She’s as heavy as two boulders!

    Thank you @Sweetums ❤❤❤ Thank you for giving us such an amazing new title to tattle on with.😻😍😻 Everyone give some love to our Tattle Sister! 👏🏼😹👏🏼 Well done, Sweets…Well done!😻 (I had to shorten it a smidge Sweets. Hope you don’t mind.😍)
  6. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #131 “PMFM” all the Huns Yelled, Tattlers Cringed as Pig’s Head Swelled.

    A huge round of applause to @SCCOct66 for kicking ass with another fantastic thread title. Thank You so much, Fellow Tattler. 😍 …and we are off on the fast track journey back to Jacksonville. I bet y’all a dollar Pig already has an appointment with the jeweler to get that watch fixed with some...
  7. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #130 Pig at HunFest Isaiah Her Date-Huns Won’t Believe How She’s Gained the Weight

    Hungry Hungry HunFest! Who is tho exthited? ❤️ Everyone please give a great big Thanks to our tattler, @SCCOct66 , for presenting us with another superb thread title!❤️
  8. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #129 Honking, Hail, Hiking Shoes-But We Know The Pigs Just Want the Booze!

    A huge congratulations and a big THANKS to @pixelfox for our fantastic new thread title. 😘 Tequila Thursdays at the tin can…without a doubt. WoooHeeeeew!
  9. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #128 The Hambeasts Feast as Leaf Springs Break. How much more can that camper take?

    Yippity Yay. Can we all give a huge Thank You to @Hotographer512 for presenting us with such a magnificent, perfectly described thread title? ❤😹❤️ Congratulations Critter.😘 The Honking Tour continues…..ehhhhhh ehhhhhhh!
  10. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #127 The Maassives are eating their way through the US of A!

    ⭐️Honk! Honk! Honk! Stinky Tin Can Tour…Week 2⭐️ Thank you a ton @Monkey1651 for setting the stage with a magnificent new thread title! ❤️ Congratulations Fellow Tattler! 🌷 Taaaaaatttle On Lovelies! 😜
  11. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #125 Turning MLM tricks while Abbie gets sick. Somebody better call CPS quick!

    #125 Guys! A great number represented by another kick ass thread title.❤️❤️ Thank you @bready .❤️ ❤️ We all know how hot a good CPS call gets Assa. 😹 😹
  12. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #124 Pigzilla posing and perched on her barge, will soon be sinking cuz she’s too large!

    A huge THANK YOU to our fellow Tattler, @that1lady , for a fabulous new thread title. #124 guyth! WooooHeeeew! Also…Welcome all you new Tattlers. Glad to see some fresh faces.😻 Tattle On! 😛
  13. M

    Parents of autistic children with violent and challenging behaviour

    I’m making this thread for support and advice for parents of autistic children and are also violent and challenging. Parent of children who aren’t violent are also welcome to join. our days are getting increasingly difficult with our autistic PDA child. I could really use support
  14. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #123 #HeyPriscillaYouKnowWeCanSeeYou,Right?

    Hey Tattlers! Can we give a great big THANK YOU followed by an AMEN 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 to our friend @SCCOct66 for our new and very catchy thread title… Yes we can Pig..we certainly can see you…ALL of you. Unfortunately! You guyth are the bestest! Lets Tattle Loves!
  15. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #122 Jr’s in Distress. P is a hot mess. A tries to impress. Sweet Girl will regress.

    A loud and proud round of 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 to our Tattler, @Cardinal Rule for another superb thread title. 😻 Get your scooters ready y’all! We have a whole new thread to see how many lives Pig changes with her new collection this week. 😹 🫥 PS. Had to shorten the names a bit to make it fit. Hopefully...
  16. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #119 Pass the Martini, Big P is in a bikini, Asa still has a tiny weenie.

    ❤️A big THANK YOU to @What10001 for our new thread title. A perfect title to start our Sunday snark off on the right hoof!❤️
  17. LennyBriscoe

    Autism and Sleeping - Children

    I have a 6-year-old boy who was diagnosed with Autism and Global Developmental Delay at 3 1/2. We’ve been very grateful for the fact that with the exception of full moons, he’s a very good sleeper however all that seems to have changed. He settles down well with bedtime stories between...
  18. Llamabama

    Laura Clery

    Saw someone request a thread to be made for her so I did it! What are everyone’s thoughts?
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