Terrie Mcavoy Truth Revealed

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  • The Repromed Scandal

    During every Q&A Terrie had ever done, especially since getting married, somebody would ask her if she had any plans to have children. She always immediately slammed the poster, point blank ignoring to give any comment, and demanding that people stopped asking her about whether or not they wanted children.

    1st April 2021 (ironic that it was April Fools Day - we were the fools) Terrie announced that she was a brand ambassador for fertility clinic Repromed. She said "This campaign is designed to open up the conversation and to encourage women to think about their fertility and the steps that they can take, to ensure they optimise their options in the future" and that she wants to "use my platform to encourage open and honest conversations about women better understanding their fertility with the help from a fertility specialist Dr Hans at @repromed.ireland".
    Following on from this, Terrie gained a large number of followers who had come over from the Repromed page, a large proportion of which were going through their own fertility and conception issues and decided to follow Terrie as a result.

    On 3rd May, Terrie did a chat with Dr Hans in Repromed around fertility. Between this chat and a Q&A on her stories, she admitted that she had no fertility issues herself but knew of people who had, and that she didn't know the chances of getting pregnant decreased with age!

    Only 10 days later, on 13th May 2021 Terrie and David announced their Pregnancy on Terrie's grid. This was only 6 weeks after starting to work with Repromed. The dates make it quite clear she knew she was pregnant when she announced she was a brand ambassador for Repromed. It was completely out of the blue and came with no trigger warning to all those women she had fooled into following her as a fertility brand ambassador!

    On 14th May 2021 she posted an insensitive video of positive pregnancy tests, knowing full well she had gained a huge number of followers who were struggling and paying Repromed a fortune with the hope of seeing those positive pregnancy tests.

    She and Repromed both received backlash, and both dug their heads in the sand and ignored everything. Nothing has been mentioned since!
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