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  • Rebecca Violet Sterling {née Kedgley} born 28th March 1993, is a British wannabe *delete as appropriate:- travel & interior blogger/gardener/foodie/events coordinator/mama who hails from the London commuter belt of Kings Langley, Hertfordshire. RVK_loves has bought built herself a steady following on Instagram and on here thanks to her penchant for undeclared #affs/ads/gifts/trips, chronic boasting oversharing of her private life, aggressively blocking anyone who dares question her. And her complete ignorance and self-centred attitude to life, in particular most recently with the coronavirus pandemic.

    Early Life:-
    Rebecca is the eldest daughter of property developer & investor Robert and Joanna Kedgley, she has a younger brother George. After completing her A-levels, she pointlessly studied Law {Jurisprudence, Legal Philosophy, and Legal positivism} at the London school of Economics and Political Science.

    Career :LOL::-
    Originally started with Twitter {unknown-2019}, with such gems as:-

    "Lol at flying from Stansted, spot the fake tan #essexcountry"
    "... this is why I can't bear to think about children yet. Babies yes but toddlers up ughhh"
    "Does anyone ever say anything positive about having children? Sounds like life is hell with them"
    "What is it with children looking so gender neutral these days? That's twice this month I've called a girl a boy at work..."
    "Christ babies are such hard work. Just saw ben's 1 year old nephew and I don't know how people cope."
    "Babies more or less ruin/change your life. Way too selfish for another 8 years at least."
    "When your old teachers congratulate you on getting married just three years after leaving school lol"
    "Adele is pregnant' 'how can anyone tell?!' hahaha"
    "Eugh the thought of being pregnant (in the future) is even less appealing after seeing the 'bodies after bump' photos."

    Her vile Twitter account was deleted early 2019 but some screenshots of her tweets do exist in all their ugly glory *please refer to previous deleted tweets in the links section below. She's been active on Instagram since 2011, curating the account from boring blurry poorly lit photos of day trips, holidaying, food, heart fingers blah blah to monthly groundhog day seasonally coloured themed grid of day trips, holidaying, food, standing in-front of colourful painted houses/doors.

    Years Active




    01-30 September - #AD Organixfood ‘Organic September
    ??-18 September - HOLIDAY to Soller Mallorca, Spain
    06 October - #AD Ergobabyuk Omni Dream Carrier £174.90
    12 October - #AD Giveaway Elemis 2021 Advent Calendar £175.00

    07 January - #AD Shark Anti-Hair Wrap Cordless Vacuum £429.99 £329.99
    12 January to 07 February - HOLIDAY California USA
    23 February - #AD Helper Stool from own company £150.00
    28 February - #ADShark Wandvac System 2 in 1 Cordless Vac £199.99
    13 March - #AD Popsa Photo book from £27.00
    15 March - #AD Laura Ashley Flowers at Next £50.00

    Personal Life
    Rebecca married Benjamin David Sterling {born 25th August 1982} on 3rd July 2014 at Notley Abbey, Buckinghamshire. They met on her year 8 school trip to Wales back in 2006, when she was barely 13 and he was a couple of months shy of 24... reading between the lines - the shit hit the fan. Their relationship became 'official' when she turned the grand old age of 15 and eventually they got engaged in 2012. Their first child, Freya was born in 2019 and most recently, Rafferty joined them in July 2021.

    The one where the 13yr old met the 24yr old
    The one where we got engaged
    The one where we got married
    I don't want to see happy families this Christmas {2020} blah blah blah woe is me
    5 Things: A Local's Guide to London
    When Grabby met Esther...
    That day when Ideal Home came to visit...

    Grabby did post on the first tattle thread *scroll down to post #423

    YouTube Comedy Gold
    THAT Marks & Sparks advert - My favourite colour is, Texture
    How To Style Your Mantle Piece
    Balance Me x RVK Loves Launch Party
    How To Style Your Home Office

    Previous deleted tweets
    Peoples who's instagram start with 'mummy' or 'mrs'...
    When a lady on the beach tells you...
    The one where she slags off Bloom & Wild...
    I have strong opinions...
    I maybe getting married young...
    My cousin and her boyfriend...
    Put my car on auto trader today...

    Known Tattle Nicknames
    RVK - Grabecca, Grabby, Grabatha, Flipper, BB {Basic Bitch}, Mrs Paper Pants, Judith Charmless
    Ben - Grandad, Benpecked, Benpaedo, Gingy Saville, Papa Smurf, Child catcher, Ben Sherpa
    Freya - Baby Bee, Chops, Chopsy, Sea Urchin, Bentos, Chicklet, F
    Rafferty {previously referred to as:- Hamlet, Harry, Otto, Hammy} - Waffy, Raffy
    The McMuffins/Kedgefund - RVKs mum, dad and younger brother Curious George
    Thomling Toys - TWDMT

    As featured in:
    - The Sunday Times Home Magazine August 2017 as a top Interiors Influencer.
    - Ideal Home Magazine
    - Rock My Style
    - The Daily Mail - Article 1
    - Country Homes & Interiors Magazine
    - The Home Tour Series #3
    - Pinky Stories: Esther Coren & Rebecca Sterling
    - The Daily Mail - Article 2
    - DotComGiftShop's Top 21 Lifestyle Bloggers
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