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    About Becki

    Becki Jones is a TikToker, aged 30 who lives at home with her Mum and Dad. Becki has over 400k followers on TikTok, however, the majority of followers seem to be “hate” commenters who drive up Becki’s engagement. As a result, she gets the odd brand deal or advert to do but appears to be quickly dropped when businesses work out she isn’t “influential” in the sense they want her to be.

    Becki has always been work-shy, prior to her “large” tt following, she only worked 2 days per week term times only with a degree she got a 2:2 in relating to childhood studies.
    In 2022, Becki left her part time job claiming that she wished to work in a nursery setting as per her new qualifications. Becki has since made no mention of job hunting, stating she “lost her drive for it” and now prefers to make a couple of hundred pounds a month from her dead end “TikTok career“ which allows her to eat her way along the fast track to disability benefits. Her parents house is conveniently already fitted out for this.

    She has an obvious ED / junk food addiction which is fully enabled by her parents with whom she lives. She preaches to her audience that no one should restrict themselves and that eating the way she does is fine.
    She recently admitted that she’s a smoker, & tried to pass it off as not being a big deal.

    Becki also loves to “dance”. These videos are often high on engagement from the trolls. Becki has the dancing skills of a potatum but still continues to post videos of herself “dancing”. We use the term loosely as her feet do not move. We think this is another part of her obsession with Paige who does Morris dancing every Sunday (just incase you didn’t know, Becki absolutely loves being an auntum).

    She claims not to care about trolls and hate comments, but makes regular pity party videums in which she tearfully martyrs herself by addressing the hate saying she’s strong and can take it because TikTok is her career and she’ll never stop. This naturally drives up the validation comments.

    She recently stated that her 5 year plan was to continue growing as a person, & to be a kids TV presenter. She embarked on a very brief ”weight loss journey” in 2021, on which she lost a grand total of about 5lbs before giving up & blaming the pressure of social media for her failure.
    Since then, she has denied that she was ever on a weight loss journey, claiming it was “ little lifestyle changes” Despite her claims, she has steadily piled on weight whilst employing heavy duty filters to try to make herself appear slimmer.
    She made a videum strongly denying the use of any slimming filters despite it being glaringly obvious.
    She recently appeared in a couple of podcasts, to which she couldn’t apply filters. The absolute size of her was shocking yet she blamed camera angles for making her look huge.

    Most of Becki's content revolves around eating 3000+ calories a day with zero nutritional value and obsessing over her 14 year old niece, Paige. Beckis food intake consists of processed unhealthy junk, she rarely eats fresh fruit or veg; and every meal has to be infused with butter, sugar and white bread. She cannot even eat porridge without adding huge servings spoons of Nutella or choc chips.
    She rarely drinks water, she is addicted to full sugar cowwwwk, which she guzzles by the can from the minute she wakes up ( early afternoon ) till late at night.
    She eats most of her meals in her bedroom. It is probable that she uses her dads stairlift to transport herself and her trays of food up there.

    Despite having passed a childhood degree course, Becki has clearly forgotten all her safeguarding training and regularly uses her small nieces and nephews for content on her platform which largely attracts hate and trolls.

    She has no life of her own, but tags along like a giant toddler with her mum / sister everywhere that they take her nieces and nephewms. There is always junk food involved in these outings, with her taking every opportunity to stuff herself and her younger relatives with highly processed, high sugar, high fat, high salt crap.

    Becki is 5’5, morbidly obese and a smoker who also vapes. She has visibly bad skin, lots of fillings, missing teeth, jaundiced skin round her eyes, a buffalo hump of fat on her back and a tyre where her neck should be, eyes that are being swallowed by the fat on her face, badly swollen feet & hands, gets red, sweaty & out of breath walking a few paces, gets back ache from carrying a bag from store exit to (her mums) car, snores really badly, always feels tired, but claims that at a recent health check, her GP said she is “perfectly fit and healthy”.

    She has a dog who looks like the most tortured soul we've ever seen, he is named after the love of Becki's life Olly Murs, but we prefer to call him Rickets. #FreeRickets

    Becki loves adding random “m” sounds at the end of words, E.g oreganum for oregano and her intro for most of her videos is “hi everywum”

    She often takes it upon herself to reeeview junk food items, but is incapable of actually describing flavours / textures, leaving the viewer no more enlightened. Everything is “ so so good” or amazin or bluuuddy lovely or “my fave”

    Around 20% of her following are people who engage with her positively, most of these people appear deluded and a bit thick. Claiming it is “normal” to eat processed takeaways 7 times a week and saying 1000 calories for a meal is “normal”. Any sane person commenting with even any kind and helpful information is shot down by the same few followers.

    Becki also went through a phase of trying to “make things happen” like just another treat merch and mcflerry gate. This was when she mispronounced McFlurry for McFlerry and then proceeded to drag it out for around a year. The majority of the comments on the mcflerry videos are negative.

    Becki has terrible hygiene and seems to pride herself on this. She often goes live on Tiktok with greasy hair and food stuck in her teeth. When someone commented On her visibly greasy hair once during a live she replied she didn’t need to wash it as she had “done it a few days ago” 🤢.

    Becki seems to have peaked at the age of 12 & has not matured emotionally since then. She still uses her school days as a reference point including her claim that she excelled at sports. She also does not take very helpful advice about her skincare. Consistent with being mentally 12, Becki will use skincare whose target audience is about 13. She says she has “rossius” but lots of us think it’s just her skin screaming for nutritious food, hydration & appropriate skincare.

    Becki went on a trip to New York in 2017 with her mum & has made it her entire personality alongside eating junk non stop & being a “dance Aunty”

    Occasionally, Becki will bite back to trolls and claim they are “jealous” of her. What of, we are yet to find out. Other ludicrous claims from Becki are:

    Outrageous claims from Beckatron

    Her WIEIADs videums are very inaccurate. If we are to believe them, she would be in calorie deficit for her size, and losing weight. Becki strongly denies this and apparently she defies the laws of thermodynamics. To maintain a 25 stone frame takes a considerable amount of calories.

    Claiming to know how to budget meals due to working in a deprived area 2 days per week (job since quit as she enjoys being called a unit every day)

    Says we should “love our imperfections” then hides her chins with numerous objects during lives and videos and only wears the same leggings and tops. Also filters the life out of herself.

    Claims to be a “foodie” yet we have never seen her eat any quality food. She will be visibly aroused eating a kebab or a Big Mac.

    Claiming she has a fear of choking but then shovelling in large spoonfuls of food.

    Claims she doesn’t like biting down with front teeth then videos herself taking large bites out of hard food (eg Easter eggs) with front teeth.

    Her “best friend” is never seen on her videos but we believe it to be Declan, an ex-mod
    You’ll never see lettuce on her McDonald’s burger because it’s too “fragrant”

    Becki’s “hate” of trolls

    Despite her engagement being from trolls and this being what boosts her tiktok pocket money, Becki loves to post videos of herself crying every few weeks, pretending she is impacted by the trolls.

    Tattlers see through this routine and recognise she does this to try and up her positive engagement - when this declines again, another crying video comes out.

    Becki knows that the engagement is from hate and ignores helpful advice in her comments such as:

    Only allowing followers to comment - this would filter out many accounts who don’t follow her (her following is 400+ but her views are high but engagement low, obviously people gawping at her strange life ) it would then be easier to sift through the followers who have followed to troll.

    Filtering out Words.

    Becki insists it’s her “job”. Other strategies could include spending a set amount of time each day blocking accounts that have been on her profile for over a year.

    Becki makes pocket money on tt from being roasted and has no self respect. Any person who did would adopt these ideas so they could still do their videos but also protect their mental health. Unfortunately, this woman is manipulative and knows without her trolls she is nothing but takes advantage of the few kind souls that follow her by putting on crocodile tears when she wants positive attention.

    Becki style icon moments 💫

    Dresses like a frump, mainly leggings with a high necked marquee over the top. On special occasions, she upgrades to Bon Marche dresses and gets her hair & makeup done in the style of John Travolta in Hairspray.

    Alternates between two necklaces; a Claire’s chain which is too small for her and a piece of string with a Harry Potter symbol.

    Wears fake market stall Crocs with everything because her feet are like giant blocks of cheddar & she can no longer tie her own laces.

    Wore a 1996 style child’s hair band till it disintegrated because it was filthy (probably)

    Wears sunglasses even in -10 weather conditions on top of her head.

    Wore a rugby top tucked into a bon marche pleated skirt from 1976.

    Has not heard of an underwired bra.

    Becki family tree

    Mum and dad at home
    Paige, 14 year old niece and target of obsession
    Leah, niece mum to Porsha and Parker
    Porsha, great niece
    Parker, great nephew
    Rachel, sister claims to be 40, believed to be closer to 90, mum to Paige
    An aunt that they visit “ in London” but is actually near Guildford.
    Willow, niece
    Nancy, niece

    Jeremy Kyle Jones’

    Becki and family definitely would fit in on Jeremy Kyle. Here are some chavvy as hell incidents:

    Beckis chav sister, Rachel, filming her very poorly Nan and posting it to Instagram on a public account. Lots reported it and it was gone. Next day, motor mouth Rachel comes on swearing saying it didn’t get taken down it, the story just ran out. Did not seem to have a brain cell to utilise to consider it’s undignified and disgusting.

    Becki filming herself in hospital with poorly Nan. Conversations can be heard in the background from other people, this could be other visitors or staff. Either way, it’s a confidential environment and most hospitals do not allow filming in wards.

    Paige’s mum has no concerns with her daughter dressing with arse cheeks and breasts out on tt. This has been going on since Paige was 13. She is clearly a child and the saves on her videos are disturbing.

    Becki enablers

    Most of Beckis positive comments are from an army of enablers who will defend her even if she digested five tons of lard in one sitting. So far we’ve heard:

    Drinking full fat cola in the morning for breakfast is normal.
    Eating 0-1 portions of fruit and veg a day is standard.
    Yellow around the eyes is normal.
    Multiple take aways per week is “normal” and everyone who says different is “jealous”.

    Becki also has gigantic portions when she cooks from home. On a chilli con carne video tattlers counted SIX large ladles of rice, around 300g of mince, 100g of cheese plus two thick slices of bread. Calorie intake for one day has often come in at 5k or more but this is “healthy”

    Becki FAQ

    Does she have a learning disability?

    No, she’s just fick

    Can she drive?
    No, she is ferried around by her mum and her sister.

    Does she have kids?

    No. The kids she features are niecums and nephums.

    Does she have a job?

    She no work, only burger and chep. No seriously she doesn’t, her deluded fans say tt is her job but with her followers and engagement she will not be earning anywhere near a living wage.

    Does Becki claim to use her Tik Tok as income?

    Becki is frequently asked what she does for a job and never responds. There are lots of online sources that show an account with her following and engagement would not be making a substantial amount. Becki can most likely afford her huge take away food bill due to living with her parents and she never shows herself with friends her own age/socialising/going on holiday.

    Who is Paige?

    Paige is Beckis 14 year old niecum who she is obsessed with. Becki follows her to her hobbies and will often talk about her off topic. On a live once, someone asked something about grapes and Becki randomly said Paige likes grapes. She will often randomly share details about Paige on videos when no one asked. She will mention how she “takes” her places when in reality she doesn’t take her anywhere as she doesn’t drive.

    Does Becki have a boyfriend?

    No. Becki gets very embarrassed whenever anything slightly close to a penis is mentioned which has led to speculation she is a virgin.


    Becki Big Scoops
    Beefbeck Mountain
    Biffa Beck
    Auntie Dreamliner
    Becktimus Prime
    Buffalo Beck
    Big Chunks
    Jaundice Jones
    Yellow Submarine
    Pitta Tits
    Bekinator 3000 (for particularly calorie dense days, i.e 3000+)
    Becki Stobbart
    Bison Fury

    Top comments on TikTok from her hate brigade

    Unit (usually with a 🔥 emoji)
    The cut is going to be insane
    Of course
    Hard day at work? (As becki does not work and shows herself getting up most days at 11am)
    Of course - usually in response to another take away video
    Tag me in parts 2 3 & 4 ( WIEIAD )
    Chernobyl breath / Hiroshima breath
    I can’t defend you anymore
    The toilets getting nuked tonight
    Requests to see her running at full speed
    Comments about her yellow eyeshadow
    Miss Trunchbull
    Eddie Hall
    Nice healthy day as usual
    Neck reveal

    We do not take things off tattle here. As much as Becki is infuriating and gluttonous, we don’t troll her. This forum is for us to share our opinions about her, away from her social media pages. Becki can choose to not view this website.

    As well as nick names we have phrases that describe her or life including:
    She no work she only burger and chep
    Marinating in her garlic bed
    Did someone get her cookies

    Nonsense food that makes no sense and Beckis fave foods

    You’ll never see lettuce on her McDonald’s burger because it’s too “fragrant”

    She doesn’t like sweets but will eat all the free ones
    Prawn cocktail crisps are too fishy. Proceeds to eat them by the packet

    Tuna is a “fear food” but proceeds to eat two tins of it drowned in mayonnaise and piled onto two huge jacket potatoes with butter and bread on the side.

    She doesn’t like much gravy on her roasts guys. Then proceeds to pour five ton of watery bisto over a roast dinner.

    Becki absolutely loves garlic bread, at one point we were sure she would turn into garlic bread.

    Weirdly obsessed with sour cream dep at McDonald’s to a point it’s a personality trait. Becki went full on Karen when McDonald’s dare to forget her sour cream dep once. Legend says the McDonald’s worker has been eaten by Becki as revenge.

    Becki Glossary

    chips. To be eaten with at least 2 meals a day.
    Pack of crisp a bag of crisps, more than one crisp.
    Cowwk coca cola
    Marium Badescum Mario Badescu skincare.
    Oreganum oregano
    Paprikum paprika
    Som how you and I would say 'so'
    Thum 'them' as in "bloody love thum"
    Toum 'too'
    Rossius ‘rosacea’
    Mcflerrry ‘McFlurry’
    Hi everywum - hi everyone, her intro to videos.
    Omnum - onion
    Garlic mayum - garlic Mayo
    Baslamic vinegar
    any dip but mostly garlic dip
    Garlic bed Becki's bed/dining table
    Jacket potatums Jacket potatoes
    Kwaysadillah/Queesahdilla/Queefadiller quesadilla to normal people
    Tomatum - Tomato
    Guy-row - Gyro
    Ja-la-peno - for jalapeños, the j is silent it’s said with an h
    Costcoum - Costco
    Freee-arge - Frijj milkshake


    Do not show any usernames of minors. Please scribble out if shown.

    Screenshot showing Becki sharing her niece account on tt. At the time, Paige was 11-12. Not only was she not allowed an account, Becki was working with vulnerable people at the time so safeguarding trained but still did this when her account was a target of hate. Paige is now 14 but still frequently posts videos in very revealing clothes.


    Screen shots from her “not on a weight loss journey” account



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