Zoe Sugg #26 Covid guidelines ignoring, Vlogmas boring, Nala’s arse outpouring

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I can’t take the Zoella account seriously after they suggested buying dog outfits even if you don’t have a dog as a fun autumn activity 😂 I think they’re trying to tap into other blogs and be a bit of this and a bit of that instead of choosing a target audience and sticking with it. I also think they should have given the “brand” a different name, a lot of people think it’s actually Zoe who runs the page when most of the time she probably doesn’t contribute!


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As unimpressed Iv been with Zoe in the past I don’t see an issue with a grown woman talking about sex toys
Exactly. It's okay to hear from a grown/mature woman, but Zoe doesn't come across as one. Besides, like mentioned before, her TA is underage girls and I can barely imagine how they ask their parents to buy them any of this stuff. If she's decided to target an adult audience, then she should've adjusted her content too long before and not just spontaneously start selling adult toys to basically teens.
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Wow, I just read that sex toy article and it’s really really bad. Twice refers to ‘penis owners’ or ‘penis-having partner’ - can we really not say men now for fear of offending the woke brigade?!

All the language is cringey as fuck and it’s patently obvious they haven’t actually tried these things out, just parroted out the advertising spiel in order to promote the affiliate links. Plus, a number of the toys are well over the £100 price point - one I think is nearly £200! Even if you buy that her audience has grown up with her, how many early-mid 20s have a couple of hundred quid to spend on a vibrator?! Really?


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A lot of people commenting that Zoe’s target audience is underage girls and I’m like what? Maybe 10 years ago but surely all the young people who watched her in her heyday are in their late teens/early twenties now!
yeah, I don’t think she’s gained new young followers - I suspect most of her followers follow her out of habit or nostalgia? I truly don’t believe they’re that engaged or would buy her stuff. I’m the same age as Zoe and she just feels alien to me

also - underage girls can buy vibrators if they want I think?


Hang on a minute, I thought Sean could actually draw/paint? Whats with this decision to essentially do children's drawings? Strange.
he can. If you look at his Instagram he is talented. I think he got a weird new art toy that is hard to control. I think he said an oil pen? Idk how tough that is. Lol

Zoe and Alfie, I genuinely think zoe would be shocked at how much happier she’d be with out Alfie. She’s definitely settled though, and she’s stubborn. I think she love the “whole” nuclear family being together, and poppy being her best friend at this point. It mirrors her own family, except for her divorced. I wish she would find the courage to move on. I fear she saw Tanya go through her divorce and how painful that was (and still is) to watch. Idk. Alfie is insufferable, we can all agree he could use some humbling. Idk Zoe the longer you wait the longer you’ll put off your desires of marriage kids. There is absolutely no reason he has for not giving you atleast a pregnancy at this point. He’s uninvolved and I think having a kid would create so much resentment in that relationship it would fail almost immediately after birth.


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I think the zoella website has no idea what to post or who they are targeting anymore. I unfollowed the Instagram page a while ago as I just can’t relate to anything they post (a 32 year old, with a house husband and toddler 😂). They can post about what they want but I do think there could be young Zoe fans who the sex toy post wouldn’t be appropriate for. Katie snooks often talks about sex toys but her audience is completely different.


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The question is clearly from a perve as no normal fan would ask 'do you play with yourself'.

Zoe: 'Do you or have you ever...'
Alfie: 'If anyone ever had the tendency to want to do that...'
Oh my GOD how do neither of these adults understand that its masturbation and its normal and for a lot of people a regular part of life? They both say more than once 'its normal' but in a way that theyre... just rparroting what other people have said and are saying it because they know theyre supposed to but its not in a genuine way its almost like a 'oh its 'normal' .. i mean obviously I dont do it but sure i guess its normal if you're into that...' vibe

Zoe: 'And lets be honest... most people do it.... it just like pooing really' with a giggle because she said the word poo and 'most people' is said like you might say 'some people enjoy dogging' with a smirk.
Alfie: 'Yeah no cos pooings something you have to do.... sex isnt something you have to do unless you want to make a child... athough there are other methods i guess' (he means reasons)
All said totally neutrally like again he's discussing something that doesnt feature in his life at all, not even a hint of 'there are other reasons you'd want to have sex like cos its a fun recreational activity'
Neither of them masturbate that much is clear.

Zoe: 'I dont think i know enough about sex'
said like she does it once a year at a special ceremony or never.

They then mention Laci Green and other sex educators and Zoe starts to ask 'do you actually watch...' but interrupts herself but clearly the question was her asking him if he actually watched content from those YTers as in sex content, in a way that was like, 'do you?!?'

I mean that was just NOT how that conversation would go between a normal adult couple who have been together that long??
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