Zara McDermott #5 David has one eye on Sam and the other on the Gram...

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Do you think she was asking this so in a roundabout way she is letting everyone know she still had her periods, ergo not too thin and no ED??
It could be that. But what a stupid question to ask! She also said something like "I've got cramps for god knows what reason".... How about because you're on your period Zara. 🤦🏻‍♀️ It's almost like she just hit puberty and learning about her menstrual cycle.
Love that - following major criticism over her exercise form and nutrition/diet content - she quickly changed the bio on her day with Zara account to “ohhh I’m not qualified to give out advice, this is just me documenting my journey etc etc.”

Now it’s changed to “sign up for early access to my health/fitness programme” 🤦🏻‍♀️ ... doing a few hip thrusts and adding random scoops of protein powder to meals does NOT make her qualified or credible to give out advice.

It’s next level cringe and hypocrisy. Even if she is working with Ryan. I’m actually shocked that Louise would allow Zara to be associated with the trtle brand. It’s damaging in my eyes. Just weird.
What i find annoying is how she keeps acting like this amazing foodie giving out 'food inspiration' and recipe tips, when her meals on her daywithzara page do NOT look good at all and are incredibly basic. And her followers seem so clueless because they keep asking her for cooking tips and it's just like.....go google recipes yourself? or follow an ACTUAL food page/chef on instagram? I just find it annoying how whenever an influencer shares/talks about ANYTHING (in this case food, but also generally with workouts, makeup routines, etc etc) some people just put the influencer on a pedestal and feel like they need to listen to and copy whatever they're doing. There's just something about influencers that makes people feel like they are somehow more experienced/qualified/whatever and therefore should be listened to....but why??? You wouldn't take advice from someone random on the street so why get tips from zara just because she happens to have 1M followers?


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Why does she need a Dr on board for macros???? Doctors are not weight loss experts lol

Just checked. The Dr isn't an actual medical doctor. It's someone who's done a PhD in nutrition, so very helpful and more so than the Dr I was thinking. But I thought she meant an actual medical doctor 😣
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