You know when Youtube is too much when...

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I actually had a Youtuber dream last night!
I was at an event in a sports hall type place with a stage. Caspar Lee was there and we were doing acrobatics, lifting him above me on my feet!

He then proceeded to swing around on ropes and then was swinging high up on the curtain back drop on stage, when he fell.
Everyone rushed over and he was laying dead in a pool of blood. :eek:

I ran through the crowed venue to tell the organisers and the little fans had heard the news and were sobbing.
It then skipped to leaving for the airport and I got a lift with Zalfie. o_O Zoella was slagging off other Youtubers.

I then woke thinking WTF. :unsure::(
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Haha time to unsub from Casper!

A lift with Zafie the un should list as a form of unacceptable torture. I can just imagine zoella bitchunf about all of her "best friend" YouTubers - Tanya's so fat and can't act for toffee
Never subbed to Caspar and never watched a video so why I'm dreaming about him I don't know!
I wouldn't reconise him in the streets, he's similar to so many south African guys I've known in london