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I am surprised there isn't a thread on her....maybe the Yoga community is just really kind?! I am all for her content per se, and I do think she doesn't take advantage at all in terms of swipe ups or ads etc (she clearly works hard and runs her own businesses which is great), but jeez I need to get this off my chest:

- her voice grates on me SO BAD
- why does she always put her tongue behind her teeth in that weird way
- she is so obsessed with how she feels ALL THE TIME....i can imagine she is a nightmare to live with.Poor you reckon he literally ignores her 99% of the time?
- i find it odd about her relationship with her Mum (and what's the story with her Dad?)- her Mum left her when she was young and i think had a breakdown and tried to commit suicide-they didn't have any contact for years. Now she seems to live with them and they are happy as larry.
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Thanks for reactivating this thread!
Anyone else following Yoga Girl aka Rachel Brathen on instagram? She just moved to Sweden after being cancelled in Aruba. Her husband being from Aruba is learning how to live in a cold country. She moans so much I donā€™t even know where to start! She feels the need to communicate her emotions all the time.
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oh, I stopped following her, may I ask why she was cancelled in Aruba?
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During the height of the panic over the coronavirus breakout and ahead of the vaccine, she had shared a post which stirred the anger of some people in Aruba. She told her followers to postpone their trips to Aruba. Local people thought that it was an attempt to stop tourism. They got really angry and therefore she got cancelled. She even received death threats for that! šŸ˜µā€@vroni
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I never found this thread when I searched before! I found this one though...

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