Yesterday (Movie)

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Who else has watched it?
I thought it had a cool, fun premise but I was let down by some things in the story.

Spoilers below:

I don't understand why the woman who tried to help him be successful basically tells him to go and be successful but without her, or give everything up to be with her. Also in 2019 I'd like to see more women who tell men how they feel instead of "waiting 10 years" (that's just my preference but of course all types of people exist, including those who sadly suffer in silence for love, so not a huge criticism of the movie per se). Also I'm not sure if I liked the John Lennon bit or not.

Would love to hear other opinions!
I feel the same as you (we saw it on Sunday) we are massive Beatles fans but the part with ‘John Lennon’ was in poor taste IMHO