Worker pees on Birdseye pea production line

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I'm not sure I'll be able to eat peas again, although I only eat petit pois so some clarification would be good 😅

  • Birds Eye factory worker may have urinated on peas on the production line
  • The former employee posted an eight-second video of a liquid being sprayed
  • He told colleagues it was a 'f*** you goodbye' at the end of his last shift
An resentful employee who filmed himself 'urinating' on a pea production line may force Birds Eye to bin 10million packets of peas.

The former worker posted an eight-second video showing what looks like urine pouring over thousands of peas as they move along the production line in Hull.

He told colleagues it was a 'f*** you goodbye' at the end of his last shift at the factory and captioned the video 'Boycott birdseye peas',
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I’ve just read this and rushed to the freezer. Sure enough the garden peas that I used in last night’s mushroom risotto were Birds eye. 🤢
Rationally I know that the odds of me eating these peas are very small but I’ve still used the strongest mouthwash that we have....twice. 😂

I won’t be mentioning this to my husband at all, as I made his favourite meal especially to butter him up because I’m in the process of trying to persuade him into us getting a new puppy and piss peas will definitely not help my cause. 😂
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How ironic peas covered in pee. I hope he gets in trouble with the law over this . Disgusting . Kids will eat those.
I just watched the video.

It's possible it was a hose and not pee.
He must have been seriously peed off with his employers and surely if he had taken a leak on the peas someone would have said or CCTV captured him?
Urgh I hope this isn't true. Regardless, I will be pouring a kettle of boiling water over all frozen veg forever now. 😔