Why do I only date older? Daddy issues?

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After reading some comments on another thread, it got me thinking.

Does anyone else have a thing for older partners?

I'm female and I have always preferred older men. Not just a year or two, but much older.

My current is nine years older. Exes have been 10-16 years older. So hardly "dad" age. Although, my dream celeb crush is 23 years older, so he could fall into that category.
I've been told that I have daddy issues, in the past. Could be true. But I hate to think that's what it is, because I don't see these men in that respect. I just find them more attractive.
If you have “daddy issues” you won’t really be able to recognise them or that connection in the men you choose. What if any issues do you have with your dad? That’d be the place to start :)
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I have always dated older men, one ex was 21 years older than me my husband is only 5 years though.

I prefer older more experienced men 😉
I just came across this. not sure if any of you are familiar with Alain de Botton. He’s a rather brilliant and accessible ‘philosopher’ (in quotation marks as I don’t know how he officially refers to himself and it sounds kind of pompous)
Anyway some interesting points raised about ‘fatherhood’ and the various things it repesents to the western psyche. And only 6 minutes !😏
I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years and he is twice my age. I prefer his maturity and how he makes me feel safe and secure. My previous boyfriend was my own age, a bit of a lad and cheated on me behind my back for a few months prior to our relationship ending. I think I deliberately searched for the complete opposite of him and that’s how I was drawn to my current boyfriend. I love it and wouldn’t change it for the world. I think that there is nothing wrong with your preference. 💜
I definitely like my men older, my boyfriend is only 3 years older than me though. But when I was younger I was going for guys 7+, I just always found I wanted someone who wasn't in the same place as me really. I've only had one friend say I have daddy issues but she was also a loony lol
I don't think it always has to be daddy issues (although I dunno, my dad was around growing up but he was pretty useless), it could just be what you lean towards. As long as you're happy and there's nothing horrible happening, I think you don't have any issues.
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My boyfriend is 14 years older than me. He looks younger, when I first met him I thought he was only about 5-7 years older than me.
Yes 😀 my ex 15 year older, my current 17 years older. My dad wasn't around much and couldn't be relied upon. Older feels safer to me..... I probably do have daddy issues come to think of it 😅
2/3 of my serious relationships have been with older men, I’ve always had an older head on my shoulders and it’s just who I was attracted to at the time.

I have a great relationship with my dad, very close and him and my mom married for 30+ years so no daddy issues involved just like who you like I think?
My husband is 10 years older and before that my ex was 10 years older too. I thought by going for someone older they are more mature however i found that statement to be false. I was always brought up to be an older head on young shoulders and i knew i wanted to go for someone older - it didnt make much difference to me that there was an age gap. Age is just a number.
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