Which Microsoft Office Package?

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I have ordered a new laptop for home, plan on using it for some working from home, and for my daughter to do some school work, and to play Sims 4 😂

I use 365 for work and Teams, thinking of getting that instead of a traditional package, we dont need it for multiple devices as all others are work devices. We have no complicated needs just the basics.

Any advice, havent bought one for so long?

I use 365 for home. I pay £5.99 a month. I know you don't want it for multiple devices. You can also use it for up to 5 devices. I would go on Microsoft live chat and ask for advice. They are really helpful. There might be a different package. Some new laptops do come with free subscriptions for office.
Instead of paying out for MS Office, there are free alternatives like LibreOffice and OpenOffice, which if you're just after the basics maybe worth considering too.
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