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I was with someone who I deeply loved for 2 and a half years they were the best years of my life and I didnt want it to be over we went through a lot together . My ex who I have a child with become very jealous of this situation and made my life a misery while I was with my partner. To the point I had to end the relationship. I couldnt tell my partner it was because of the ex I had to end it it would cause too much trouble . And now all I want is him back I cant stop thinking about him . I tried to get back with him and things went great again . Then he never spoke to me for a week and then said he had the best times with me but he doesnt need this now I understand why . I dont know if I should try again or just leave things the way it is.
I think if you want to get back with him and you want this to be a proper relationship there’s no point going into it saying you can’t tell him the reason you broke up.

if you can’t talk to him with the confidence that he won’t “cause trouble” when you’ve told him something (no matter how angry he might be)
is it really a relationship you and your kid need, and it’s not fair on him either 🤷‍♀️

you have a child with your ex, both men will be in your life for now, like it or not.

maybe talk to your friends or a family member who knows the ins and outs of the situation.
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I wonder if your ex would do this to whoever you were serious about? If so then the issue there probably needs addressing first. Unfortunately some people really do operate on the basis of “I don’t want her but I don’t want anyone else to have her either.” But you are allowed and entitled to be happy.