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Ah I’m just confused and upset.

I have been obsessed with peeing on a stick, I reckon I’ve spent £100+ in the last 2 weeks

hubby and I had been trying for 5 years, we have had 3 miscarriages. I don’t have a regular cycle nor normal periods and I’ve seen numerous gynaecologists who have done investigations with nothing being the reason, hubby is also fine.

i took a test with fmu on the 5th of May because my boobs were solid and a bit tender, I got a very very faint positiv, so I used cheap tests to check progression that week still all very faint, first response came back with +... so I did a digital which said not pregnant. I tracked the lines again until 14th, we also got a home blood test which came up positive so by then we were like yes this is it!

yesterday and today I’ve got BFN the clearest of BFNS - midwife reckons I’m 5 weeks
I have a tiny dull ache and have done since the 5th which I was told it’s just my uterus expanding, cravings have stopped but my boobs are still sore. I’m terrified I wake up everyday expecting blood but there has been none.

sorry for the novel I’m just confused & giving myself false hope that everything will be fine
Hmm, I’m sorry to say but it sounds like a pregnancy implanted but didn’t really take, you would expect the first few tests to have faint lines, depending on how early you test, and then for the lines to get darker and darker until it’s a clearly obvious positive, it sounds like your tests were all very faint lines, I would get a clear blue digital weeks indicator if I were you, to give you a clear answer, they are very sensitive and pick up low levels of hcg, and what number weeks come up will give you an idea of how high your hcg is, for being 5 weeks pregnant you should get 3+

This is happened to me before, got very faint lines for a week, then a couple of days of bfns at which point I knew the pregnancy wasn’t going to progress, then started bleeding a few days later, it’s such a shit experience, sorry you are going through this x

you could also try getting a first response early results tests, they are also very sensitive and show you a line so you could see how dark and obvious the line is, it should be really dark by now if your first positive test was two weeks ago, the line should get darker and darker as hcg rises in a normal pregnancy

You could also try getting in touch with your local early pregnancy unit and asking for some bloods to track hcg but i think they don’t see you unless your have pain/bleeding
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I echo the above poster
Sadly I agree
Maybe contact your doctor - they might do bloods and maybe a hormone profile - there is a hormone that helps sustain a pregnancy can’t remember if it’s progrestone or not but you might be low in it - the early pregnancy unit I don’t think would see you especially in this times unless you’re in pain and sadly there wouldn’t be much for them to do

I honestly feel your pain we ttc for over five years too xx
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