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I used to love her account (was mostly slimming world/fashion type posts) she’s now had a baby and it’s a mix of all three now. Maybe I was oblivious to it before and this site has opened my eyes to it, but seriously the amount of gifted stuff. And it’s the way she gets it - she posts a story asking for recommendations, with tags to the companies which have mostly been recommended. Then low and behold a few days later “kindly gifted” the item. In the last few week it’s been a snuzpod and a myhummy bear, both I remember seeing a story asking for recommendations on beside sleepers/sleeping aid toys. Just noticed she posted, and tagged a pair of dungarees for her baby that she will be buying after payday wanna bet that she will get sent this “kindly gifted” before payday 🙄
Argh Instagram just annoys me
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Yes yes yes yes yes!
I just joined for this thread. This is 100% true. I stopped following her for that reason. When she was asking about smaller cots...gets a cot. I mean she is flogging nappies from New Zealand now. Its ridiculous
This annoyed me too! It’s not as if they don’t have the money either .. they shop at sodding Waitrose and everything has to be the best of the best. Used to love her account as well. :rolleyes:
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I’m just thankful she’s stopped telling us three good things about her day. One of which would always be a meal she ate. Can’t imagine telling a load of strangers three good things about my day like I’m the only person ever to exist.
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Does anyone else think she literally does NOTHING? I feel so sorry for her husband, who after a long day of work, is just passed the baby so she can fake tan??? Good god get a grip girl
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She’s a lazy fat slug who can’t even look after her kid
Wow harsh!
I definitely don’t think that at all. I just find the blatant fishing for gifts annoying. I don’t doubt her ability as a parent. And she lost quite a bit of weight following slimming world (which was why I originally followed her)
I used to love her account as well, both for food and fashion. Being pregnant myself, I looked forward to the baby stuff but must admit I’ve been really put off by the amount that’s been gifted. There are plenty of people out there that desperately need those things but can’t afford it, whilst I think she would have managed going by her previous spending habits. I didn’t think she appeared to be one of the big influencers before, it’s like she has totally sold out which is disappointing.
I unfollowed her after she started giving out baby advice as if she’d had a million kids already and experienced every possible baby scenario.
I like her, and at least she's always open about what she's been gifted I guess. It is annoying when people who clearly don't need it get given so much stuff, but that's just how advertising works isn't it. Gifting me something with my 300 followers wouldn't benefit the company, and that's what it comes down to. Oh to be an influencer and get everything for free 😂 although I like to think if I was well off enough, I'd donate the items/payment to a charity or someone who needs it (lalas life does this!)
Only just realised she's disappeared. I used to like her but agree she's clearly very lazy. Her husband does everything (I'm probably just jealous, mine is useless!). She also lies about how slim she is. No way is she a 16. In her wedding photos she was huge and then she got bigger.
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