What do you like to see in an ‘instagrammer?’

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I spend quite a lot of time lurking on here, posted a few times but there are a few threads that I watch and very much agree with a lot of what is said but I am often left wondering...

What do you actually like to see in an Instagram account?
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Genuine content, everything is just ads now. I want to see people’s lives and experiences. I’m nosey 😂
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Correctly tagged #AD and #Gifted.
I think the whole issue with ADs is a bit of a paradox because those that do disclose properly are often accused of doing too many ads so I can understand why some of them do it as covertly as possible.

Personally I agree, being transparent is important especially when you’re influencing people to part with their hard earned dosh!
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Genuine content, honesty, humour and the ability to accept criticism with good grace rather than run off crying troll over every silly thing
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