What do you do when your friends other half is bad news??

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Just curious on people's opinions...

I've had multiple friends in the past who's boyfriends are (in my eyes anyway) not good enough for them. E.g. excessive drinkers, spend all their money on booze and whatever else, doesn't appreciate them, in and out of work

Would you be honest with your friend and tell them straight?
Depends. If they break up then she won't hold it against you because they know you are right, however if they don't break up then she will always know you don't like her choice in partner and may distance from you because of that.

Also if they've have problems and need to talk to someone, they may not necessarily confide in you because they know you don't like them and may not give fair advice.
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Only if they ask! Otherwise they have to work out for themselves they're bad news and they won't thank you for unsolicited advice.

Really difficult to do (especially when a family member is with a convicted criminal that you don't trust) but I find it best not to do anything that drives them away from you and just be ready to support them
Not outright but I’d be like omg I saw this post on Facebook and so and so’s husband is an obsessive drinker! I really feel for her. That kind of tit. Works when I do it to people 😂
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No. I'm in this position. I never said a thing, until she had had enough of him and I let it all out and told her exactly what I thought of him.... Then she got back with him 🤦😂

She knows I can't stand him and how much of a waste of space he is. But she also knows that I'm her shoulder to cry on if/when he messes up again!
I had this situation. He treated her like tit and was abusive. She basically cut off all her friends because of him. He also claimed to be a millionaire and had bailiffs at the door. She wanted to get engaged and married, he already had kids from his ex and didn't want to but hinted that he would. Finally, he did propose, and they are still not married. I felt so bad for her. I told her I would never put up with behaviour like that. 7 years later and she is still with him. I am no longer in contact with her but see her Insta updates.
Pretty much agree with everyone else, I've never lied to my friend and pretended to be the no1 fan of their relationship but I've always supported them because I know if I didn't, they likely to cut me off in favour of their partner

It has to be one of the most frustrating situations ever!
Be there to pick up the pieces if the relationship fails,

but when it does come crumbling down,
it’s best that you weren’t the one to pull out any of the pieces in that game of jenga

unless you think there is a very real threat of harm do and say nothing. Even if it kills you to keep quiet. But keep close watch and believe your spidey senses.
Most of my friends didn't like my ex, my parents didn't like my ex, my grandparents didn't like my ex.
They all told me in roundabout ways or questioned everything he said trying to undermine or prove to me he was bad news, they made it obvious they didn't like him. I then became protective over him, isolated myself, thought they were all against me, limited my time with them and it gave him full control over me as I was very reliant on him.
When the relationship ended they all came out with the I told you so, if only you had listened.
For me I look back and think if they hadn't have made everything so awkward I might have noticed things were bad earlier or felt I could tell someone how I felt and what he was doing but instead I was stubbornly trying to prove they were wrong and on the defensive about him everytime I saw them.

I personally wouldn't come outright to someone and say your partner is bad news, I think I'd do the "did you hear or see the story about" act and then gently let them know I'm there to support them no matter what.