What are your top 3 Netflix series?

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The Good Witch,
Jane the virgin,
Shitts Creek

oh and the Gilmore Girls, minus that tragic reboot they came back with.
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Orphan black
The good place
Haunting of Hill house / Umbrella Academy

can’t pick three lol
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I don't watch much netflix to have a top 3 but I absolutely adore The Haunting of Hill House.. can't wait for the next series!
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Ozarks, Stranger things, Top of the Lake
Ozark is so underrated! The first series is brilliant though I was disappointed with the second. I’m hoping the third that just came out will be better, have you started it yet?
I need to think a bit about my top 3...
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  • Sex Education
  • The End Of The bleeping World
  • The Office (it’s on US Netflix, don’t be pedantic)
  • (but if you are going to be pedantic I’ll have Don’t duck With Cats).
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Sex Education
Line of Duty (if it’s still on Netflix.. it definitely was a little while back!)
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