What are your favourite things about/from the UK?

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I am feeling a little homesick and missing the UK. I think it is especially because of the Covid situation and not knowing when I will get to visit. It got me thinking about some of my favourite things about the UK, I am sure the list will grow. I am from Scotland.

- The Architecture. Probably one of the things that I miss the most. Over here in Canada many of the buildings are new. It makes you realise how amazing old buildings are in the UK. I miss being able to go on day trips at the weekend to visit an old castle.

- Long spring. Where I am in Canada, Spring still has barely started, the flowers are only just blooming. That being said we do get a very warm summer. But I miss how in the UK things bloom early.

- The dry humour of Brits.

- Wagamamas and Pret. Oh my god. I would love either right now!

- High street stores. We don't really have a "high street" here. We do have Topshop but it is really expensive here. The cheap stores are worse quality than Primark (and I love Primark) and the nice stores are very expensive.

- Being able to walk most places in the UK is really nice too. Here, it is very much a driving culture because the cities are so large.

- Aero and Malteser traybakes. I had a craving for a Malteser one today and will get the ingredients next time we go grocery shopping.
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Agree with a lot of these!

- TV. I don’t watch much TV anyway but rarely watch any non-British stuff. Tried so many American series and couldn’t get into any of them

- The accents and dialects as there are so many, and few I dislike

- The fact it’s a kingdom comprised of four different countries with cultural differences. Pet peeve is when foreign people use the words U.K. and England interchangeably

- The fact things are ‘small’ here (at least compared to the USA). Small shops, small town centres, small portion sizes, small cars. I don’t like unnecessarily big things 🤷🏻‍♀️
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PG Tips

The countryside (or what's left of it)

Documentries - some of the TV channels here do some really good ones, especially channel 4

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Autumn and winter nights when you can just snuggle up and get cosy
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Scenery in the countryside
Everyone getting on with their business (south of Europe where I am from everyone is nosey)
Wagamama lol
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Our culture, especially pop music, fashion, art.
Sense of humour.
The beauty of our countryside and coast.
Fish and chips.
Rain and cosy days indoors.
On the whole people are well-mannered and polite. We queue for things and tut at others.
Being able to visit so many interesting historical places (eventually).
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I miss the UK so much.. completely understand how you are feeling. I’m in the Middle East and the thought of not being able to travel back home for another few months at least (if at all this year) is depressing!

I miss the landscapes, the weather - especially the rain! Haha but also super jealous of the beautiful weather right now! I miss the architecture, people who have manners and respect... queuing!! The TV shows, British humour, all the supermarkets (food is ridiculously over priced here and terrible quality) Pret A Manger and Café Nero!
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Never being more than half an hour away from an historic castle or stately home of some sort.
Fish and chips, sunday roasts, full english breakfasts.
The automatic reaction to a holiday/good news/day off/sunshine is to go to the pub and get pissed.
Yorkshire tea.
Rivalries between counties/cities but you become mates united against someone from a different part of the country/different country.
The Queen.
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Yorkshire teabags, cream teas, fish and chips out the paper from the chippy, sarcastic sense of humour and the history.
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Being able to crack a joke with almost everyone you meet, up north at least
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Tea in general. There’s an amazing selection of different teas in the shops and I always take teabags with me whenever I leave/left the country because I cannot trust their tea.
Never tried Ringtons but have been enjoying Barry’s which is Irish. Also, the wide choice of cheese here.

Free TV in the form of Freeview.

Pubs for eating in.

National Trust membership.
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* I was never a big shopper but living on a small island where you can only buy expensive (and not always with the quality to match), I miss being able to pop to the high street and buy something.

*A cool breeze. (Never thought I’d say that)

*Random food/drink items that I can’t get here -lilt, mccoys crisps, fish and chip shop, a cream cake 😂

*Nothing here is really walkable and because of the heat I drive everywhere. I miss being able to walk like I did in London.

*I miss Aldi and resent paying $4 for a pepper 😂
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Love this thread and so glad you set it up. I have lived for 7 years now in Belgium. So not far from the U.K. but far enough for things to be different. Im from Yorkshire btw so first on my list is northern friendliness. The Belgians are cold cold people who have enough friends and won’t welcome you into their circle.
Bread buns/baps/rolls or whatever you call them.
Mr Kipling
Desserts in general, over here everything is a cream cake, it is not chocolate fudge cake with custard.
Chain restaurants, pizza express, Nando’s, Christ even Greggs.
But mainly the people, I miss Brits and the way we just pass the day and talk about the weather.
My list might have been different at the start of lockdown but being stuck in a country full of stuffy Belgians has changed my attitude 😂
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A good cuppa, a Sunday roast, sarcasm, beautiful countryside but also the fact that you can travel a couple of hours down the road and it can be so different but just as beautiful.
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Im going to say The Royal Family (main ones not the extras) :LOL: .
cup of tea
a Sunday roast
the seaside
Downing Street Men:giggle:
most importantly the NHS👏👏👏🌈❤❤❤❤❤
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