What advice would you give to small instagram accounts

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I have a small Instagram account (under 1500 followers) - and I know 'influencers' aren't the nicest sometimes but how would you go about growing your Instagram that doesn't make you seem like a narcissist?

I am a mother, but the children or my husband rarely feature. I post mostly about body confidence.

What advice would you give to a small Instagram account that would like to grow? I've been reading here for a while and have taken on lots of feedback of what not to do :ROFLMAO:
I think the biggest lesson we’re all learning from this blog is to be genuine. Surely just post about what you want. What is the reason for you wanting to grow your instagram? Getting more followers isn’t the be all and end all and if you post what you genuinely want to post then you’ll generate TRUE engagement from people who want to actually view your content. X
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Don't do it!! Enjoy your real life, it's more precious than an online and irrelevant life x
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Honestly growing a personal account (as in the main focus is about a person) is very difficult.

Growing an account that's showcases a different or unique skill is much easier. It's just about providing good content that people engage with. But if it's not person centric can't really be an infuencer for easy money so people don't want to do that.
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It’s not about gaining followers. I guess I should ask the question - what makes you follow/interact with an account?
Someone who is genuine.
Being themselves- not copying others or repeating the same tired old content
Engaging and interesting to watch.
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Consistent thoughtful content with interesting captions
Interact with followers
Not TOO many stories at once
Not declaring ads/gifts
Ads that just don’t really fit with the theme of your page
These are just things I look for in the accounts I follow
Oh, cool. I love mutual Instagram subscriptions. In my opinion, this is a good way to find new friends and increase the number of subscribers.
Just be yourself an it will grow naturally, and the followers you gain will be there because they want to follow, I doubt many of these massive influences done there's naturally, they probably bought a ton of follows an may still do or probably buy comments, am not saying they all do it an they buy almost every follower but I do believe there's been some buying involved at some point

I done a pet one just for fun an I was spammed with these bot accounts wanting me to buy followers an comments, I wasn't interested an just followed a bunch of pet igs back (I enjoy looking at them) an it's been growing itself, it's still small, only over 100 but am not interested in what it has lol, but my point is if you follow an interact an just be natural then it will eventually grow
I'm glad that you already have someone who appreciates what you do. It's always an unforgettable emotion when you see the first feedback on what you're doing. I believe that in any case the most important advice is: don't stop and work only harder and better to attract potential buyers or viewers of your content. Once I had a business in Germany and one day I decided to Instagram Reichweite kaufen, but when I saw that my account gained popularity, I stopped investing a lot of effort in maintaining my Instagram page qualitatively. Because of this, my earnings have greatly decreased. Therefore, I advise you not to stop seeing the first successes, but to try even more.