Weight loss plateau

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So guys just need some advice!
I’ll try and give all the information I can on what I’ve tried so far!

So around two years ago I weighed myself, I knew I’d gained a lot of weight after being too comfortable! I weighed around 78kg which is overweight for my 5ft 7 height.

I cut out junk, only had chocolate and bad stuff on weekends as a treat! Started going on 30 minute walks at least 5 times a week and the weight fell off.

My problem is for the last six months I have been stuck around the 66kg mark. Now I know that’s not massive but I do want to lose around another 7lb.

Since lockdown I have been going on hour walks daily, started couch to 5K and introduced different exercises at home for example squats, crunches, bridges and sit ups. My calorie intake is around 1200 weekdays, weekends is more but I feel I need a treat can’t be constant diet surely?? What kind of life would that be! My problem is I feel like I’m putting in this extra hard work but with no reward my weight goes between 66-67kg.

So I’m just looking for some advice on what everyone thinks on where I’m going wrong??
Try eating more. Especially protein! Stick with your exercises but up the resistance/strength/bodyweight exercises :) You've done great so far
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Your BMI is now 22.8. To lose more you will have to work even harder to create that calorie deficit. Is it worth it for 7lb??
You would need to be in calorie deficit to lose the final 7lbs so include weekends into your 1200 calories.