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Does anyone else watch this? I personally love it but don’t think it’s as good now as when it started, interesting to see how they end it as the next season is the last.
Favourite character? Lagertha hands down, that woman has been through so much she’s a hero.
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Yes, I loved the first two seasons, but lost interest after that. Totally agree about Lagertha!
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I loved it when Ragnar was in it and had an equal crush on both him and Lagertha :p Have watched it all and still enjoyed it but the early seasons were the best
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Yes love this show and Lagartha is a total badass shield maiden and I love her lol. Its went downhill though without the Ragnar character. Absolutely hate the Ivar character but I suppose that means hes acting it well lol
Another fan here 🙋‍♀️ I love how some of the characters have developed, particularly Judith. Ivor is a great baddy. I hope his brothers kill him, or maybe Floki will 😁
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