Vicky Pattinson #2 VIP edge = vile, ignorant, pigheaded

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Red hair dont care

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So for some reason she comes up on my instagram now though not following. See she has waded into the Khloe Kardashian real pic fake pic whatever. So for me using a filter on a pic fine if you want to. Issue I have if you are like her being paid to advertise something say a diet thing like shake or food to use a filter to take off a few inches around stomach or thighs is being false and giving fake info. Sorry but it is.
I for one am not happy with my shape but rarely take selfies but I don't get paid to promote something. Each to their own using filters but if being paid to advertise something #ad #filter it's not like most of us know it's being done.
Sorry for the essay read so many of VP's got into a habit 😕😉
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