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I can't find a thread on him on here so I thought I would start one.

I genuinely love his content however recently more gifts and ad's are creeping in and I'm worried that he is going down the influencer rabbit hole which will render him unrelateable before long 😪
There was one I think, not sure where it was posted. I don’t follow him but have mutual acquaintances as I grew up in Reading. I saw he was at Camp Bestival with FOD/MOD and the rest so he’s definitely moving in higher circles now.
He did a thing with Google last year and said that his brand isn’t his full time job...yet. From then on, I’ve taken less and less interest in him, as he’s just doing things for likes and ads, rather than being real. It’s a shame, as he’s really creative and has some really engaging content, but it’s all for the ads now.

No doubt his new bestie mumofmadlads will shortly write a poem about him being bullied on here.
He could do so much to raise the profile of same sex parents organically but the lure of money and free things are too attractive for most people.