Unbelievable 😱

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Unbelievable on Netflix...

Finished watching it last night. Has anyone else seen it? I thought it was brilliant but didn't realise it was based on a true story until after. Poor Marie was really let down 😞
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Fantastic series. Really angry with how they let Marie down and in turn the other ladies who may not have been attacked had they investigated properly with her.
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It was very well done. I didn’t know where the story was going and found the first episode such tough viewing , I probably couldn’t have continued with it if it was all that story. There was something so relieving about watching the female detectives (but especially the younger one who wasn’t Toni Collette )at work and interacting with victims after that, which was clearly deliberate. I liked how the men on Marie’s case weren’t portrayed as full blown arseholes either, it made the ways they let her down so much more subtle and realistic.

Here’s the article on the real case which won a Pulitzer.

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Loved it. Really enjoyed it when Toni Collette got involved and the other detective and I rudely cannot remember her name. She was fantastic in it. Really believed everything her character said and did. The most recent foster mother basically convinces that cop she was lying but it never really became more than that one scene they had discussing it where she said she didnt say anything?? That annoyed me, I didnt like her.
I didn't like the most recent step mother either.
This series was phenomenal and I really felt for the poor ladies attacked, especially Marie.
Those two female cops were just truly amazing.
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