UCAS application for nursing

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Just wondered if anyone could share any advice or knowledge on this area...I have a couple of questions.

Did anybody apply after the January deadline and still have a successful application?
What was the interview like? what kind of things do they ask?
Roughly what timescale would you say it was from beginning of application to being offered a place?
There is a Facebook page called nursing and midwifery wannabes that would have lots of advice on this. Its all people in the process of applying mixed with qualified nurses and midwives. I’m a midwife so if I can be of any help dm me. Good luck
It’s been a while but at interview I had to do a maths & English test first and you had to pass both to then move onto the actual face to face interview. They asked a few topical questions relating to recent nurse/medical related news that had recently been in the news, they asked if I knew and could explain certain nursing terms - nothing complicated but just to get a sense of what you know. Asked why I wanted to nurse, what I hoped to get out of it, what I thought I’d enjoy and what I’d find challenging etc. There’s loads of resources online with Q&As, just prepare as best you can and know what you are talking about.

Good luck xx
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