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Everything about them is honest and open. Their morning dance always puts a smile on my face. They’ve not gone down the Ad route like *cough two puffs and a pudding* which is so refreshing in this day and age

I also love that they don’t show their kids faces on instagram. It could be because of the adoptions etc (don’t know what the rules are) but I think it’s a good thing to do.


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I really really love these guys been following since they only had a few hundred followers. They make me feel good. Light hearted humour but also so very honest and open. Great guys


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I love them! Such amazing role models. My only gripe is the amount of plastic crappy toys they give their kids... like it's too much! It's just clutter at this point and the kids won't appreciate the things they have. But other than that I love their whole thing.


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I've only just started to follow them, as my two gay best friends have actually done some work for them, in regards to website design etc. and they just seem so cool and down to earth about their life and raising a family together.


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I love them. Love how their house isn't spotless for Inst, they're fairly honest and it's obvious they love the kids and vice versa x


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I absolutely adore them 💕 they genuinely make me so happy! Love everything they stand for and they are amazing parents 🙌🏻

Followed since they had like 700 followers they are FAB

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