Twitter prepares for huge cull of inactive users

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BBC article 26 November. Best news in a while. This will put a dent in the beggy “influencers” who buy themselves followers.

Supposedly the effect of the cull will start to show on the 11th of December. Then we will see some of the wasters with supposedly 1000’s of followers start to fall off the radar, and see their market value drop.

The article quotes an advertising executive who is pissed off about having to pay big ££ to blaggers whose content is rubbish but who claim to have big followings.
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What some of them do is automate their twitter posts so that the same repeating click bait constantly bombards anyone who has followed them. Each click bait has a link to their other social media so that the blagger just keeps growing their views each time a viewer absentmindedly touches a link. This stupidity Is how they can claim to have so many followers.
It’s high time advertisers stop giving freebies to these beggy turds.
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