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And we’re back to the “sexy” tik toks.... why would she do it in front of pictures of her kids!? 😫
But you have lost a fight remember, little Olivia kicked you in the head that sent you to the hospital...

"It's their only comfort, they were forced to grow up at 18 months when the younger siblings were born , they're not gonna walk down the aisle with a bottle, it's their only vice " blah blah blah
Those are her responses each time .
But she would talk so much shit if a kid was 3-5 and still breastfeeding.
If she wants to fuck up her kids’ bite and shape of the mouth let her. She’ll hear it from the pediatrician and dentist (if she bothers to take them)


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OK I didn’t take the recipe from her, did it way before, but as a kid the only time I had brussels sprouts is when they were boiled or steamed and grossed me out. Then I cookEd them myself and I pretty much burn them too, But I don’t do them in a skillet I use a cookie sheet in the oven with olive oil.
She uses corn oil or some shit. I remember her video where she poured some oil and it was disgusting.

I too oven bake them with EVOO and some Kosher salt and cracked black pepper. Her gross way ain’t it.


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So how much longer can they just talk about dildos and sex on the podcast?!

That podcast is going to run its course so fast.
Yeah I can’t imagine people listening to that for much’s literally all they talk about. Then again these are saddies we’re talking about and they will prob listen til they’re on their death bed.

season 1 had some interesting topics, and I use that word loosely lol. I was just amused listening to them say these absurd things about a variety of topics, but I stopped listening a long time ago when they started talking about only sex and dildos


I think she was referring to when Trashy was at her friends baby shower screaming We MAkE BoyS and BoY moM like an idiot because the attention has to be on her at all times. Like relax dummy did you forget about the 2 girls you pushed out first? She’s so damn stupid. She was definitely hoping Julie was having a girl so she can say she’s the only one with a boy, always has to try and 1 up everybody. Speaking of Julie has anyone seen her baby yet?
Oh! I missed that! My bad!


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Courts have not be open since they split so in the end they are just both lazy!!

So it is why i am totally sure that they didn't split until maybe february 2020 and not beginning of 2019 like she pretends or the divorce will alrealy had started in 2019. She lies, lies, lies. Knowing Tracy She is unable to wait one year to trey to save her marriage before annonce a divorce.


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Literally the easiest thing to make. It's not a complicated dish that you need measurements and step by step for 🤦🏼‍♀️
This woman really boils pasta and pours Parmesan on it with a side of burnt Brussel sprouts and calls it a true Italian meal. She prides herself sm with the Italian stereotype yet can’t cook a basic meal. Last time I remember Corey was cooking for them while she offered paper plates because she’s too lazy to wash a few dishes. She eats like a toddler I feel bad for those kids

So how much longer can they just talk about dildos and sex on the podcast?!

That podcast is going to run its course so fast.
You know what surprises me about the podcast is how “freaky” and “sex fiend” she boasts herself to be yet every single podcast she needs to be explained the most basic sexual term or act. She sounds like a bore in the bedroom. All this freak talk and sucking on dildos is probably in her dreams. Even that Allen guy sounds like he’s got more experience than her and he’s his own brand of boring. How embarrassing
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I work too hard for my money, pandemic and all, to send it to someone who clearly doesn’t need it. She drinks, gets nails, lashes, clothes etc. so she can pay for herself.

And I care what you think why? 🤔

Yeah I left the group a couple months ago but I couldn’t understand how they shared hella personal things there. Those aren’t your friends. They’re strangers on the internet.
I left a few months ago too! After someone put a way too personal post about her roll play Sex to keep her relationship alive and I was out!! But did you also notice one of the questions to get it the group was who’s Tracy’s favourite child? I answered Skylar and was accepted, clearly no secret that Skylar is the favourite 😂
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