Top 3 Favourite Films of All Time!

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I watched Interstellar last night, which is hands down, one of the best films I've ever watched, so I thought I'd start this thread and hopefully we'll have lots of new incredible films to watch! [emoji16]
Whoever feels like it, can link the trailers!
1. Interstellar
2. The English Patient
3. Inception
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Jurassic Park (First...2... maybe 3.)

Harry Potter (all of them)

Lord of the Rings (all)

The Dark Knight (well, all of the chris Nolan Batman’s)


Hunt of the Wilderpeople


Apollo 13
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I cant whittle down to 3! Top 10 in no particular order 😂 i have favourites in genres, but these are ones i always watch if on tv or sky movies!!

  1. Face Off
  2. Con Air
  3. Little Mermaid (Disney one - my mum bought me it on DVD about 10 years ago for Xmas and I cried 😂)
  4. White Chicks 😂
  5. Grease (childhood memories!! There's even footage of me singing along to their songs aged 5)
  6. The first Avenger film - I bloody love Loki and laugh so much at his scenes
  7. Red Dragon - Ed Norton 😍
  8. Marley & Me 😭
  9. Bad Boys 2
  10. Despicable Me (all of them)

But also ALL the Harry Potters

I have a weird choice of favourites 😂

Oooh and Homeward Bound!!!!
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1. Princess Mononoke (all of the Studio Ghibli movies are great - I highly recommend them!)
2. The Lion King
3. Balto

Mine are all animated. :ROFLMAO: In my defence though, I watched them all as a kid so there's a lot of sentimentalility there.
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Ok they’re not my favourite of ALL time, I’d need at least 2 weeks to short list. 😅
But they are the first ones that spring to mind for sentimental reasons probably, assuming I have a heart..

- Muppets Christmas carol. (DON’T @ ME!!!!!!!)

- Serendipity

- Ever After.

(I’m avoiding the classics like Die Hard, Terminator, Shawshank, Mrs Doubtfire, The Trolls Movie 😬)
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It’s too hard to pick just three, but if I had choose ones that I can watch anytime.
1...All About Eve
2...True Grit (John Wayne version)
3...Raging Bull
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Good Bye Lenin
I love good bye Lenin. Not even heard of the other two but will look out for them now based on number one is also set in east Germany at a similar time , though just before the wall came down and it’s not a comedy.
Really beautiful film though I can’t recommend it highly enough.

1. The lives of others

2. withnail and I

3. Five easy pieces
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1) The Crow
2) Labyrinth
3) Wayne’s world

Most recent ones would be The Dirt (motley crue movie) and Bohemian Rhapsody, both bands portrayed brilliantly I felt 😀
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Avengers Endgame (I went to the cinema 5 times 🤫)
The Heat
Bad Teacher
Dirty Dancing
How to lose a guy in 10 days

I can watch these over and over again and never get bored
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Hmm I don't know about top 3 but some of my favourite films are

The Prestige
Cry baby ( its such a ridiculous film)
Back to the future 1 and 2
Thor Ragnarok
Gone with the wind ( shame its so long)
American psycho
Ill stop there with the films
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Home Alone



Top 3 hands down. Also dies anyone remember watching a movie called The Brave Little Toaster growing up? It exists but never been on dvd in UK region or if it has probably be mega bucks.
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Ha I've watched that! An American friend at uni introduced us to it and we found a stream I think. If you can enjoy a kids film on first viewing as an adult it's got to be quite good and i do remember liking it but not much else. Amazing name too.
Has never heard of it as a kid and none of my UK friends had either.
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Great thread:

Wag the Dog.
To kill a mocking bird.
Endgame and Infinity War.
Erin Brockovich.
To catch a Thief.
Rear Window.

Love all of them !
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