To have a third child...

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Always thought I’d have three. Had my eldest at 19 so there’s a 5 and a bit year age gap between her and our son. Now I’m conflicted about whether we should have a third....
Always thought I’d have three. Had my eldest at 19 so there’s a 5 and a bit year age gap between her and our son. Now I’m conflicted about whether we should have a third....

Do you and your partner have a burning desire for a 3rd child?
Can you afford a 3rd child?
How would a 3rd child affect the dynamic in the home/with the other kids?
Do you have space for 3 kids - now and in the foreseeable?
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We have three , I am one of three and had a burning desire for a third , can’t explain it , just wanted a third baby.

We found the expense of three soared when they were older , at secondary school and all that goes with that ; uniform, phones , school trips , clothes , sports and the shocking food bill and then after that the cost of university .

I’ll leave it there 😫😫😫.
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We can't decide either... But I'm a lot older than you.. I'm 36.. Feels a big jump to go to three.
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I've got 3 (twins aged 14 and a 9 year old). I'm now also 21 weeks pregnant with surprise baby (aka number 4!).
I found the leap going from two to three a struggle, but I love having three. If you can afford the time and financial responsibilities of a third then do it! After all, they say it's better to regret something you have done rather than something you didn't do! (you'll never regret it, just a saying!). Whatever you decide, best wishes X
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If you’re younger than...even...40?!, then go for it! But ideally, 35+ is considered “higher risk” in the US. I had my 3rd & final at 34.
I have three. Like you I really wanted a third but wasn’t sure whether to go for it. Ultimately we decided that it would always feel like someone was missing if we didn’t.

Pregnancy with the third was more tiring and uncomfortable. But best birth of the lot.

She was an easy baby so to start with wasn’t that much different from two. I felt much more confident as a mum and just took her everywhere with me. It was lush having a little baby and I soaked it up as knew she’d be the last.

Then as a toddler she’s been a nightmare! She’s almost three. Won’t sleep, had loads tantrums. Difficult to get out the house for school run as she won’t let me dress her etc. So much more work. Taking them all out together is hard as she runs off.

I have less time to give to my other two. Feel like I’m not such a good mum as I was with two! My attention is split and I’m so tired.

I know it’s a phase and she’ll grow out of it but I def have moments when I think it would be so much easier with two.

I would never wish her away because she’s gorgeous and seeing three together is incredible. We have lots of fun. But it’s exhausting.

I know others whose third child is easy so 🤷🏻‍♀️ We also have no help - no family close or anything. If we had help it would make a massive difference

Good luck deciding x
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I have three! Love them all so much and I'd have a 4th if I could. I'm a very practical person so I'll give you my experience from a practical point of view:

If yours are still in car seats you'll need a big car to fit three in a row in the back. I have 3 in a row in an s max.

Hotels are annoying as they wont let us have 1 room I have to book 2 rooms for myself, my husband and three children 8 and under.

I only have two hands and they all want to hold my hand walking to school!

2 sometimes gang up on one (something I'm working on).

At legoland most rides either fitted 4 or all of the kids were under height so needed an adult to go on with them but we have more kids than adults!

As someone else says above I find it hard to give individual time to them.
I have 3 girls, 16,13 & 11, both myself and husband were 1 of 3 and really wanted one more. It definitely gets easier as they get older as you are not doing nursery/school drop offs at different locations and not to mention after school clubs. Same as with two kids, as they get older they get more self sufficient, we do have middle child syndrome going on as “my first born made me a mother and my last born will always be the baby”,but that’s kids for you, especially if all girls, I love my middle child very much, she is the easiest out of the lot! Holidays are more expensive as naturally you have one more so have to go for larger accom or two rooms. Same with cars re car seats. I wouldn’t have it any other way, feel we are more of a gang rather than typical nuclear family, love them all so much even though I have a house of hormonal girls, it’s fabulous! Just get first year out the way😂
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I’ve got three. Third was completely unplanned. I’ve never experienced having three though as my oldest isn’t with us anymore, but I feel right having three. Three feels right. Even though when we first found out, it was terrifying.

You’re the only people who can know if it’s right for you and your family. If two feels right, then that’s okay, even though you always thought you’d have three. There’s no wrong or right number.