Tips on getting paint out of a carpet.

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Are there any tips on how to get dried paint out of a carpet?

I tried when it was wet but potentially made it worse, I saw that rug doctor do a stain remover so I gave that ago, it doesn't seem to have worked.

I'm pulling my hair out, and the thought of shelling out for a new carpet isn't something I planned to do.
Have you got a picture / what type of paint is it?

I found for deluxe emulsion I could get a LOT out with just water and scrubbing tbh. The little flecks are easier as you can imagine, pools harder. Also depends on carpet - some of ours worst case you could cut out as the pile is deep, others it’d be fucked.
Can you claim on your house insurance instead? or get a rug to throw over it. If its gloss then I think it would be very hard to get off if not impossible.
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