Tignam #10 flat out flogging her "longe wear" but OMG, the state of her hair

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@NoMoreSpotlight Melissa has asked me get in touch. You haven’t turned up for your shift today to stock take. Please present yourself immediately. Your shift is 7am to 6.30am (23.5 hours) you can take a break then when you finish at 6.30am before you return for tomorrow’s shift at 7am again. You will not make eye contact with Tignam and you will be paid in free woven tatt that you can hang in your house. Please correspond with Melissa only to tell her she looks great , or to say ‘ of course you’re wrecked shur you do so much work’ when she mentions being tired. You are to stock take all stock blindfolded, counting backwards from 100 in Irish. Unfortunately even though high temperatures are expected this weekend, we cannot provide water or air con in the workplace because it has not shipped from China yet of regulations for covid.
Please confirm your availability to work this weekend by reply.
Tigs x


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I'm just shocked lisa jordan paid for something and it wasnt a #sp # collab or gifted 😂
She did pronounce it “ longewear” though… for that alone I got a laugh

Anyone else notice the hair? I’m slightly obsessed now she made such a big deal about it…. Receding hairline???? Teenager Botox in abundance too. Nails done yet again. They’ll be destroyed

Harper Riley

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What’s with all the nail changing. Is it to fill her days. Does she think that’s normal ? Maybe they are like friends to her in there the lonely soul.

A fuckin filter on her hands. I’d say the black out curtains in the bedroom come in handy. 👀. Can’t filter everything 😉
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