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I thought about this? What about Lily’s football etc that she loves and lives for? Her mums just gonna rip the kids away from that 🤷🏼‍♀️ seems pretty selfish if you ask me? Choosing her husband over her kids only selfish and irresponsible parents do that
I’m so confused, I thought this was ages ago and the move was cancelled for the foreseeable?
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Has anyone seen his latest set of stories?

The decision of Lily getting the Covid jab is her own - but the back and forth between her dad and mum and how disconnected they seem must be a really difficult situation to live in.
I’m wondering whether Lily’s mum knew she didn’t want the jab when she signed the forms or not. Him being annoyed that they didn’t ask him too is a little unreasonable as that’s their own personal disagreement and lack communication. It must be frustrating for him but it’s not the schools responsibility. But when Lily said no they definitely should not have pushed it any further and trying to push their views on a student is very inappropriate
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The ‘yes guys’ he does at the start of the videos is the cringiest thing 🤦‍♀️
Plus I can’t stand how he shoves the camera in the kids faces when they’re eating. Nobody wants to be filmed while eating.
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Am I missing something with the comments? Why do they nearly all go on about what a perfect dad he is? Are they made up or are people taking the piss?
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