The Wilson Family

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So I have noticed Tiana's family have their own family channel aswell. The way this girl is used as a cash cow unsettles me..I would personally be more worried about my daughter's safety.
She is one spoilt brat as well! They have so many channels I can’t keep up. The mum and dad just come across like they’re acting!
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Sure I would treat my daughter if I had that kind of money but I would want her to actually appreciate what she has
Tiana is such a brat. Most of her videos are just cringe. Her dad isn't even funny and I swear that girl isla is adopted by them, she's in literally all of their videos. It's obvious they've used her for views and that's how they afforded the very modern house, pool and big garden. 🙄🙄🙄
My kids were into Tiana back in the early days when they lived in their old house. I don’t think the parents had any idea how huge their channel would become. My kids have outgrown her now but from time to time I might watch one of their videos.
I do think they do a better job than any family vloggers in that she is not constantly being filmed, she has some privacy. I think they treat it all as a business, plan their Vlogs and I suppose in that sense Tiana is a child actress.
That she’s maintained the same friendships I think is to her credit. I hope Isla has a contract in place and is earning a lot of money too. There is a Tiana thread elsewhere and you’ll see her dad was arrested for flying drones illegally years ago so he’s really turned the family fortunes around (by primarily using his child) although they all participate. Her brother Jordan has clearly only established a following off the back of Tian’s fame.
They’re loaded and they are into designer labels - past present opening vlogs have been controversial because of the amount spent and her indifference to most of what she receives. It must be like being a regular Joe one day and then winning the lottery and money being no object - sometimes it seems as if they don’t quite know what do with it. But they’ve got an amazing house! In comparison to family vloggers like Fizz Fam and the Inghams these parents have their heads screwed on - she still goes to school, still had friends, goes on holidays when it’s not school term etc.
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So what the heck has been going on with this family . They sell up and move down south , then move a multitude of times since leaving nottingham and now theyve again moved and purchased a rotten abandoned ‘mansion’ that has significant fire damage etc its like what is going on.
Feel sorry for tiana , all the money they made through the daugjter , the parents are wasting it and just buying big houses then moving when they ‘dont like it’ 🙄