The Sinner - Series 2

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I just noticed that this was on tonight. Part 1 and 2 were shown on BBC Four. I missed a lot of Part 1 but got the gist and went straight into Part 2. I loved series 1 with Jessica Biel and noticed she’s a producer on this series. Anyone else watch it? The child actor was incredible.
I've now watched Part 1. Can't wait for the next two episodes. If you haven't watched the first series then do. It centres around Bill Paxton who plays a detective.
Season 2 was okay, but rubbish in comparison to the first.

Will probs give season 3 a miss for now!
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Thought they were both good but 1 was better than 2. Watched on Netflix I think. Is season 3 just in the US or on Netflix too?
I just binged watched season 2. I thought it was really good. I did prefer season 1 and 2. I didn't enjoy season 3 as much.