The Michalaks


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How would saying stuff like that on camera endear them to advertisers? I haven’t watched it but do I want to watch.


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She is 110% an alcoholic. She’s also extremely detached from her kids and resentful. Didn’t take her long to morph into Anna SACCONEJOLYs at all. Is this the you tube curse?
You can see they both do. I would never snap at my 2 year old over that. And I work full time and have no help. Her latest post about the flight she’s already saying she’s going to have a drink before the flight. What a dumb ass idea that will make you feel worse and not better with the kids. How can they not have figured this out? No wonder she’s a cranky ass bitch she’s drunk 99% of the time.
I also think she despises Stef more than her kids. Her pretending to be needy and clingy is all for show. She can barely let him finish a sentence on the vlogs without putting him down and always has this looks of disdain in her face. Stef is a class A dick but he truly loves her. I think he does a lot more around the house than is shown. He takes Grayson to school and activities and does a lot with him. He just doesn’t show it.

Another free trip- makes me super ragey.


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Just to confirm, yes she did.

Also, at least 3 of those glasses were nicked from the pub, and why so dirtyyyy? Get some elbow grease washing up liquid in ya kitchen woman, it's amazing!!


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I’m confused it looks like she’s giving the wall a ‘fresh coat of paint’ in the exact same colour. That she just painted.

You can tell the the renovations are all her ideas. She is the one who said to Stef ‘are you ready for reno 2.0?’ And she has picked out the same shit colour scheme. Why not use a designer?