The Ingham Family #92 Chris went from whoohooing in a scuba mask to boohooing in a corona mask

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I can’t get over the thumbnail. WTF do these girls look like? Esme looks ridiculous. 😂😂😂😂

Also if they’re showing birthday presents or future parties Possibly Jace’s 1st birthday. Shouldn’t they be setting it to YT kids?

Was this COPPA thing just something to frighten Youtubers or something? because 3 months down the line and it seemingly hasn’t made a blind bit of difference.

1 Isla has lost a tooth from her crowded, undershot gob. THE TOOTH FAIRY IS IN ENFORCED ISOLATION.The revolting little madam ain’t getting a visit tonight. Get over it brat.
2 A very lot intelligent and educated A level student/pilot like Lazy is rewriting English grammar. ‘interpretate ’ is a new one on me but hey ho I know nowt, as they say in Yorkshire
3 The even more very lot intelligent nonce and his family are watching a programme about Queen Victoria is guess what? VICTORIAN TIMES.
4 In the meantime, I’m a good cook but no Nigella or Mary Berry. However, even when slow cooking he should have browned off the onions and meat before letting it fester in the pot. I have yet to come across anyone putting baked beans in a bolognese sauce. At a stretch perhaps a substitute for kidney beans in a chilli??? and where was the oregano? Not being pedantic you understand - it did look reasonable by their standards sadly.


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I know absolutely nothing about self employment and the announcement just now but please don’t tell me if the figures do die for these freeloaders they’d be able to claim the 80% of their earnings as self employed people? I can’t remember what they paid themselves now wasn’t it £50k which is the upper limit, though I know she manipulated the tax bill by using receipts for everything, hopefully that’ll bite them in the arse in the event they claim.


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Jace and Esme are in the ball pool together. Lazy says she spent the whole evening and morning in there. She tells Esme she needs to start work. Isla is learning about Queen Victoria and Isabelle is doing Spanish. Lazy has a very poor attempt at it and Creepy groans.:rolleyes:

Lazy can't believe how nice it is outside and how they're all indoors. It's the perfect day for a picnic but even if they weren't in isolation the girls would be in school so they couldn't anyway. They might have to have a picnic in the garden. Isabelle says it's nice to have no rain. Lazy doesn't know how log the isolation will go on for and it will be back to rain soon so it will be nice to have lunch in the garden whilst they can. The girls need to get on with work and Lazy needs to go and clear out Jace's bedroom.:rolleyes:

Isla tells us Isla's tooth fell out. She bit down on a mango last night and it bled but the tooth came out this morning. Jace has come into the kitchen and Creepy says he needs to go in the ball pool. Creepy is about to make spaghetti bolognese in the slow cooker. They have meals left for a while so they won't need to go out shopping.:rolleyes:

Time lapse of Creepy putting the bolognese in the slow cooker.:rolleyes:

Isabelle asks who wants lunch. They've just finished their work and they will be watching a history documentary after lunch. She gives Jace his lunch.

Creepy says the girls have finished their work. They did an exercise where their wrote short stories for English so they have a cup of tea. Lazy is upstairs finishing Jace's bedroom. They are having a history lesson by watching a documentary on Queen Victoria in the Victorian age. Jace dipped the remote control in a cup of tea so they are having to use the remote from upstairs.:rolleyes:

Lazy tells us jace has woken upand she is opening something she was gifted by an Instagram page. She's lost some labels she was sent. She's been sent a four piece storage pot which she will use for a hot chocolate station. She realises the labels are on the pots already. One of the pots have smashed. The girls have been sent Easter eggs in egg cups.:rolleyes:

They have got some toys out of the garage to play a ball game with and Lazy stood on one and broke it. It's ok though because she fixes it. Footage of Jace walking and them playing a ball game. Apparently Jace says 'girls'.:rolleyes:

Back in the living room and Jace is playing on his soft play. The girls are upstairs writing the script for their play of the day. Lazy thinks they are hilarious.:rolleyes:They're off to America today. Lazy is about to put the pasta on for dinner.:rolleyes:

Creepy us excited for his slow cooked dinner. He's pleased to have the dining room back. It's been their storage room for packing boxes. They want to use the dinning room to have dinner in and homeschool in.:rolleyes:

They have dinner and Lazy says Jace hasn't dropped much on the floor.

Play of the day: American edition.:sleep:

Creepy says one person they are missing is Prinny. She stayed with Hi Steve and Lesley Jane whilst they were in the Maldives but because they're on lockdown they are unable to get her back as they don't want to expose they to anything. Esme is cuddling the Prinny teddy. They facetime Prinny every day. Creepy says you can still get the Prinny doll. The Prinny dolls are nearly gone. They will be watching some Disney Plus tonight.:rolleyes:

Footage of Jace playing with the girls.

Crepy says they're watching Lady and the Tramp. Lazy says they're ending the vlog here.

End of vlog.

When you realise there is no way you will be going back to America anytime soon so you have to use your daughters' shitty play to pretend you are

Thought this was hilarious

Nice to know you read here Creepy. I asked about Prinny a couple of days ago. Hi Steve

Nice kiss from Lazy for everyone
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