The Ingham family #70 Pratts,bratts or tongue wagging tw*ts!

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Todays vlog is called. How we get away with taking our girls out of school to travel. (Sorry it’s longer it includes a mini rant from frosty) 🙄

The vlog starts with The elves and a tub of Nutella. ‘Hi Jace’ is smeared on the window with the Nutella. It’s 10am and Sarah wakes up the girls. “We slept in a little late. My plan was to wake up at 8 and make the most of the magic hours.” Coming from someone who hasn’t slept in like 9 months Sarah sure sleeps in a lot. 🙄

Reactions to the elves in the kitchen and the girls open their advent calendars. The girls open number one and two. Didn’t they open number one yesterday? 🧐 Sarah tells Esme not to tell isla what’s in it because they’re both the same.

Chris has his wannabe rockstar arm out and he points to the trees. They’re off swimming again. According to Chris the pool is why they stay at Davy Crockett. Not that they can’t afford the more Expensive hotels or anything. It’s just before noon. Chris says he was up editing until 5am so I hope y’all appreciate it man. Fuck off chris. You probably earn over 10 grand a month to sit on your greasy arse and edit daily Morrisons trips. No effort vlogs don’t deserve appreciation! 🙄

Crossing my fingers that they skip the pool part. We’ve seen enough pools during ‘pools across Europe’ in the summer. 🙄

Chris thinks the pool has something soft in it because it feels soft on his legs. That’ll be beanie grease. 🙄

Jace floats down the Sarah river in his floaty and then Isla, Esme and Izzy go down the slide one at a time. Chris wooooohoooo’s at the top each time.

More Sarah river action.

Jace is fast asleep. Sarah admires his tracksuit.

Frosty the snowman, Chris and the kids are in the carpark at Disneyland. I smell a rant from frosty. ☃

Sarahs long ‘Yeah but, no but, we’re not bothered rant.’ you might want to skip it. 🙄

“I was just in the car. I saw a lot of these last night and chose to ignore it. It’s not bothering me but I do want to bring it up just because it might stop some of the comments. Some of them are just questions but some of them are just really, they just don’t understand our situation. (Oh fuck off sarah 🙄) but when I reply telling them the situation they say oh well you should just say that on the vlog then and people wouldn’t be as concerned. We’ve had a few comments about the girls schools and them missing school and how we manage to get around fines and taking them out of school so much Eckcetra Eckcetra so I just wanted to say that we pay a stupid, stupid amount of money. Not stupid. A crazy amount of money every single year for the girls to go to a private school and I say a crazy amount of money. I mean twenty five thousand pounds a year just for Isabelle and Esme to go to a really good private school. That is not something we take lightly. Trust me we wouldn’t pay that amount of money if we didn’t care about their education. Because they go to private school they do their work whether they are in the classroom or on the road travelling or whether we’re in Disneyland Paris or an extra two days in Lanzarote like we did on our last trip it doesn’t matter where we are they still do the work. We believe that travelling and experiencing quality family time is educational. (Sarah they don’t have swimming pool and slide questions on school tests you buffoon! “How many noodles are in a pot noodle? How deep is this swimming pool? 🙄) Education isn’t just sat in a class room and just because we choose to go on holidays and the girls sometimes, I mean everyone’s acting like they miss school every week. Their attendance is not even bad. But just because they miss 5 days. (Isabelle butts in and says something I can’t hear.) The girls do much longer days. they start at 8:20 and finish at 4 and they get much longer holidays so for example they get 10 weeks at summertime and at Christmas they get a month but yeah. I just wanted, I know I don’t HAVE to explain it and I know I’ll receive an influx of messages and comments saying you don’t have to explain. You just do what you think is right and we do that’s why we we’re here but I just wanted to say their education is not something we take lightly. So hopefully now you will understand that they still get their work done and their education is definitely important to us. ANYWAY I won’t be mentioning that or bringing it up ever again!”

All that from a woman who isn’t bothered. In a nutshell the inghams think if you have money you are above the law and you can do whatever you want. Seriously those idiots think pool time and the tin can is educational. 🙄

Sarahs back to being a positive pineapple as she and the girls discuss what rides they’re going on. I’m guessing creepy is sat on a curb throwing gang signs into the camera while he records part two of the rant. “My poor, poor, privately educated children.” 🙄

Off into Disneyland. It just looks like yesterdays footage but with a different song. 🙄 Creepy is now saying after a quick photo op at the castle we’re just checking out a couple of the restaurants that we want to eat at while we’re here. ( he also said this yesterday too) They like the look of the lucky nugget he says. The creepy bastard probably thinks he’s cheating on Annettes by eyeing up the other restaurant.

They‘re off to the haunted mansion. Chris asks Jace if he’s excited to go on the little ghost train. (piss off creepy, thinks Jace) Sarah thinks Jace is teething because he keeps doing this funny thing with his “tung.”

A montage of them walking past things.

Chris says they’re just bouncing over to dumbo for Jace. Jace is fast asleep again.

Chris says if you need a breast feeding advocate then Sarahs your woman. She just whips her boob out she doesn’t care. I seem to remember Jace hidden under a duvet size blanket while she fed him during the summer heatwave so I don’t think that’s quite true creepy. 🙄

Chris wooooohooos and woo’s on dumbo. He doesn’t seem to mind rides at Disney.

They walk past more things.

Sarah has bought the little two (Isla and Jace) a bag with Disney figures in. She mentioned that Nana has given them spending money but Sarah wanted to treat them. She says she was going to buy Esme and Isabelle something but they wants to hold out. Sure you did Sarah I’m pretty sure isla will be getting another treat if they ever decide to buy Isabelle and Esme a present. 🙄

They‘re in Billy Bobs Buffet. Sarah says they’ve just spent £150 on dinner. We don’t see dinner so I’m guessing they’ve made sure they got their money’s worth on their plates. I bet they’ve walked out with tomorrow’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner hidden in Jaces pram.

Chris says it wouldn’t be a night at billy bobs without a mulled wine. They’re sharing a large one.

Back at the lodge. Isla says the elves have replied to her letter. The note says I love you too isla.

Jace is waving his arms at his new toys. He’s sat on one of Sarahs big blankets so I think a plug is coming.

Yep.... Sarahs soooooo glad she brought her blanket because it’s such a good play mat that’s double layered as well. This is the dream chaser design. 🙄

Sarah ends the vlog.
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I must remember paying 25k a year means children can learn out of a classroom and be dragged around theme parks, swimming pools and lidl for their education.
Here was me thinking a child needs structure, routine and a qualified teaching professional to ensure they reach full potential with support from parents to enhance and encourage their learning.


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Surely if they have extra special long holidays at the mega crazy expensive Private School they don’t need to miss school at all 🤷‍♀️
It was FOUR days SARAH the girls missed from school for lanzagrotty. They are now probably missing 5 days for this Disney Paris trip which even you can add that up Sarah using your little piggy toes and fingers ! So all the extra time they get off and all these extra days “travelling” adds up to a very lot of days not spent at school !


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Surely if they have extra special long holidays at the mega crazy expensive Private School they don’t need to miss school at all 🤷‍♀️
It was FOUR days SARAH the girls missed from school for lanzagrotty. They are now probably missing 5 days for this Disney Paris trip which even you can add that up Sarah using your little piggy toes and fingers ! So all the extra time they get off and all these extra days “travelling” adds up to a very lot of days not spent at school !
Thats what made no sense. "They have 10 weeks off in the summer so what if they miss a week" ermm.... What!

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I am quite sure also, that private school does not mean carte blanche to piss off with their work elsewhere. I am quite sure that private education means you are buy your child a better education and therefore MORE one on ne time, MORE facilities for science, food tech and PE therefore MORE time to use all of it. A private education means the children there have even MORE reason not to miss school. Sarah is talking through her arse.


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Well £25k for private school - don’t seem to be working does it.
your spouting about how much it costs ( bragging again ) and who’s paying for it - your young followers who watch your Vlogs ( won’t be adverts in the new year 😉)
your Vlogs are not showing anything new , just the same swimming , rides and advertising Merch - some family Vloggers actually show normal every day to day things , the ups and downs without trying to be flashy - you expect fans to buy your Merch at a high cost , but in reality you shop in bargain stores yourself for the girls .


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Seriously, if my mum and dad had paid £25k for me to go to a private school I think they would have made me go even if my limbs were falling off :ROFLMAO:

Seriously, if you're paying £25k, why WOULDN'T you want to get your money's worth and make them actually attend! Bloody idiots.

And give over about getting an education through "travelling" and "life experiences", stuffing your face at Billy Bob's Buffet isn't an educational "life experience." :ROFLMAO:


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Lazy, Creepy - are you trying to get your girls kicked out on purpose because you know you can't afford the fees much longer? Just wondering whether you've actually read their school policies. I just have. Found a few very interesting and informative 😉

We eagerly await your explanation of Isla's education. Because we sure as hell know what their policies say too.



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She is such a stupid person. Like others have said what she said makes No sense. Why can’t you take you me kids in the school holidays Sarah? Is it because you can’t afford it? Don’t come out with the bullshit of ‘they do school work while we are away’ either. Most parents with kids at Isabelle and esmes age, or kids of the same age themselves, know that you don’t just have one class in a day at school. You have multiple lessons in all different subjects. There is NO WAY you would lug that amount of work around with you. And the reason schools have teachers you lazy slob is to TEACH the children HOW to do the work. Come you you liar if the girls have school work show it on the vlog. Show then doing it. I bet you a million pounds you won’t because you can’t. Because they don’t have any or do any. You do not give a shit about your kids education because you are an uneducated food yourself. Both you and Chris are some of the stupidest people I’ve ever laid eyes on. And that’s saying something as ive met some pretty stupid people in my life. There is no need to take your children out of school for a holiday. They are not learning anything on these trips you take. You go on like you have money so should be able to afford to take them during school holidays. You are some of the worst parents I’ve ever seen.


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Trust me we wouldn’t pay that amount of money if we didn’t care about their education.
Trust me we wouldn’t pay that amount of money if we didn’t care about status, and also, Chris has a thing for the chavs so it’s safer to keep him away from the local girls that he’s already tried it on with and get Isabelle in with the posh kids that wouldn’t touch him their education.
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