The Ingham Family #41 Tattle says I should act my age. What’s my age again?


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Oh god couldn't we just renanme this thread, Weight weight weight. It's been mostly what has been talked about for 4 pages. Get over it.
Exactly. As a woman of sarah’s Size, it’s really upsetting.

In my daughters primary school lots of her friends have phones (year 5). They mainly use them for tiktok and group whatsapp messaging. I think they are fine providing all the relevant privacy settings are in place and the children know not to accept friend requests from strangers. I think Esme perhaps just wants to be like her friends. Would be good for her to keep in contact with her friends.
Isn’t tiktok really controversial?


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So in Sarah's imaginary world of malicious communications legalities, she would "theoretically" go after people for slagging them off and telling the truth of what they're really like, yet they haven't so much as legally blinked at Jess for exposing her creep of a husband. Why? because Jess was telling the truth! If only people could see the irony in Sarah's shite that she spouts. Surely if Jess was telling lies about Chris' messages, she would have been the first person to have received any kind of legal communication. But she received nothing, nada, zilch and that for me speaks volumes. The ifam are just too damn thick to see that

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Any case she may have (not very likely) will be thrown out by her own malicious communications. Her and her family and friends’ harassment of Jess and her family, as well as others.
Also her disgusting hate filled facebook posts containing foul language, regarding members of her own family! Good luck with your quest Sarah regarding malicious intent! I'm sure when people produce malicious posts of your own from social media platforms, they will see exactly what you are capable of. I have no idea how you have the nerve to report anyone when we have all seen you bullying your own family. Nothing I have seen here comes even close to the vitriol you posted, so maybe take a good long look at yourself and adjust your own disgusting behaviour before criticising others!!


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Hang on a few things about the post that's been posted

1) I thought there was no situation
2) I thought she wasn't bothered by those who don't like her because they are just jealous haters
3) I have no reason to lie, 🤔you lie constantly
4) you put yourselves out there you are in control of content
5) it's OK for you to break rules ie tax on road, driving sorn of vehicles, filming strangers, walk around filming where your not permitted but when it involves you and people having a discussion away from your channel away from your Facebook you don't like it and think rules apply no you can't have it both ways
6) when you want to be loved and adored by your fans and have freebies and money and everything rosie you have to accept the opposite to a certain degree life isn't full of fairy dust and roses
7)if the position of your job wasn't broken by the scandel this wouldn't be happening what your behaviour did was ruin lives so how you feel is how 16 year old felt, if the scandel isn't true prove it. The hell no video didn't say if messages were or not sent that's all we want to know.
8) you state you were told to feed baby more and you wasn't listening this is why people said you was starving baby because of what was said.
9) I think your starting to threaten action because your money is drying up, family fizz wasn't as big as your channel and they are thriving living the best life you wanted and your frustrated because your back to being the average family and its not the haters fault its closer to home. It's easy to blame others than face the truth and reason for it.
You bought it on noone else.
We here are not unfair or cruel we comment on what you put out there. If some below the lines comments are made we tell the person.
Oh and you put your address online noone else and I strongly disapprove of anyone using it thst is cruel and harresement but they don't I see noone not even neighbours outside your house in videos.
If police want to take further fine but surely instead of dealing with 1000s of haters it woukd be better to tell you its your choice as adults to put yourself out there and if your not happy to rethink your job.. I mean there's a brain surgeon, pilot, mathematician, ufo spotter, living in the house all of which can make good money.


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Horiffied at them filming their little boy screaming in pain from injections 😳😢 what kind of arseholes film their child suffering for views? It’s not normal behaviour. They seem to get a kick out of this kind of ‘content’. Almost thrive on the drama. Absolutely vile the both of them. Could never imagine filming my poorly child and posting it on Facebook for my friends and family let alone thousands of strangers. Complete and utter wankers....and that is being generous. Makes me so angry 😡
I’m a nurse and I do not allow ANY filming or photography what so ever. Shame on the Inghams and what was that nurse thinking of allowing them to film?