The Home That Made Me #2 No spend Oct went with a blast, Joe’s not allowed to mention the past


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Exactly! It made the dining table more blah than it was before! What was she thinking??

You're having work done to the kitchen, why the fudge would you lay a brand new rug before it's all finished and clean?! Oh because you need to do Valentines shit for the gram. And money on the cat clawing it or the dog destroys it...
Yes, envy!! Since so many are decorating their kitchen/DR on IG, she must do so too even though she admitted that they usually go out for valentines!
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It could be a really amazing space but the after photo she showed of the table with the rug..the light fittings, the dressers, the window dressing, the table with wooden chairs that dont match (dont get me started on the upholstered ones), it just looks so mashed together. I do not understand why anyone would use her as a 'designer', there are so many, better, amateurs on the gram with much better style