The Crazy Middles

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Has anyone seen their videos?
They have one biological child together and the mum has an older daughter, the rest of their children are adopted, I think they have around 20 all together, I don't think they're allowed to foster or adopt any more. I'm not sure what to think of them exactly, it's nice that they've adopted, most of them are sibling groups as well, that was their main focus, keeping siblings together. However they seem to run the family a bit like a classroom of kids only less discipline. This showed in their most recent video, they gave all the children sheets and they filled out what they needed for the new school year, it reminded me a lot of a classroom. They don't seem to know each child on a very personal level, they're very much treated as a group and seem to spend a lot of time looking out for each other. Whenever new children arrived they seemed to be thrown into the group and left too it. The mum, Shelly, only seems to really care (in a physical sense not an emotional one) for the youngest ones. It makes sense when they have so many children but at the same time why have so many more than you can actually handle?
Ive watched the crazy middles but I find the parents don't seem to have much love for the children.
I do enjoy watching Shelly's sisters channel though Crazy Peices. Crystal the mum from there is a little crazy/hyper but the kids all seem happy.
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