The Chateau Diaries #9 Venetian crown while the chateau burns down

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Just my 2 cents on Narcissistic Personality Disorder... Dr. Ramani is excellent but to completely understand this particular personality disorder, I prefer Sam Vaknin. He is a diagnosed Narcissistic Psychopath but his insights are astute and very valuable. NPD develops in the early years of life and always as a result of neglect or abuse of some kind. We may never know what happened to Stephanie, I have a feeling maternal emotional neglect may have caused an emotional trauma, or there may have been other trauma, which could be the reason that Nic Larkin and Michael Potts are so protective of her. Nevertheless, people with NPD usually suck the life out of people around them and they are always parasitic by nature. Any vulnerability you will see will be a window to earlier trauma but it does not mean that SSB cannot damage those who take pity on her. She simply does not know how else to be. Who she is has evolved out of finding a way to exist in her world. It was a coping mechanism, and I imagine Isabelle is at the core of it all. Now, having the world as a stage, will bring her great success but also great scrutiny. Narcissists are very fragile, especially when their mask slips... sometimes leading to defragmentation. Fame is very dangerous for someone like SSB, what nourishes her, can also destroy her.
She gave him a pile of insulting tat. All freebies. Doubt he got an envelope with cash in it. She’s super cheap.
I know a woman who lives in the tropics and owns a chemist shop and she sends me for birthday and Christmas, lipsticks in ghastly orange/slut red colours, marked "sample only not for retail sale", gone rancid in the heat and 3 or 4 times a year flies in to Australia and freeloads on me and then walks around checking out any recent additions to my home and if she finds something she likes asks me where I got it - when I reply Hong Kong or Singapore she asks "Did you get me one for my birthday .....etc" and when I say no she chucks a hissy fit. Now I recognise the SJ in her and I am going to recommend CD to her and see if she recognises herself. NAH too easy.


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It's not that she doesn't want to put money where here mouth is when it comes to construction work, she has just so many additional needs and has no clue how to go about it structural and with a long term plan. Most of the people advising her now know there's money so they have their own agenda to push forward and her needy life style is sucking up the bulk of what's coming in. If not run by someone else the B&B will not open again, even after Covid, it will never generate the money she now is depending on, even when fully booked. She used to be an epic f**k when it came to running it before, when she still needed that income, constantly creating double bookings form rooms, renting out rooms that weren't available, inviting friends over when there was no room for them left and left others to deal with the chaos she created. I remember my friends telling me all would be nicely organized when she wasn't there, even with Isabelle on laundry duty and managing the volunteers, but as soon as SJ returned all would start to become unworkable again.
Makes sense, i knew managers like this
Content, and it makes the property worth more. Heating is boring. If youtube is her income, she's making the right decision. That house isn't going to fall down in her lifetime or mine.
eta: I really like Davey. I know someone a lot like him, and he's a trippy, inspirational guy too. I learned all my permaculture, using the garden like a forest floor knowledge from him. What they are planning isn't stupid, it's just not the building.
I find him impossible to watch in the main videos. Socially awkward & totally smitten with being in the little ray of sunshine's orbit. It is sad to watch. I noted him mentioning an amphitheatre to her as he left, an obvious plant to see if it would be picked up on here I think. As for not bothering about the heating/structure it is the one thing that people are cottoning onto now after seeing Dick Strawbridge's advice. Potential buyers are now checking roofs, windows & mainly heating as that is one of the big money pits. As usual, all fur coat & no drawers.


:coffee::giggle: Coffee and Tattle on the sofa in the livingroom (I refer to the Daily Mail article). What can I report, - biscuitgate continues:LOL: The same woman who put out biscuits with fancy decor "Look what I have baked!" and then got hammered by people who could prove that she had found the photo and not baked (the CRIME!) well, she has posted the SAME biscuit photo again. This time she writes "Not my photo, etc". She loves posting that photo. That is her perogative. 👊
Now, this time my wife is the sad facebook lurker, we share an account to participate in groups to do with school. She is under strict instructions from the boss (me) not to post any photos of the kids, or anything else for that matter. I have to bribe her to stay off instagram too. Anyway, I told her about biscuitgate at dinner table and she almost choked laughing, so now she has investigated this group (not Tattle, that is strictly my secret🕵️‍♂️) "Chateau Chronicles" on facebook, and she finds it funny. So anyway, she found the new biscuit photo :LOL: and I could confirm it is the SAME one. Compared to the brilliant sleuth who found out that Jill Scott is a crook, I know biscuitgate fades into insignificance, but it is still part of a picture :unsure: All these "benign" superfans who are so devoted to our sweet narsissistic heroine, may not be so benign after all!?! A few of them are thinking "what is in this for me?" and tries to create their own networks to gain from. Some lie about photos they post, others start groups and want to arrange tours, they jump on the train and off they go! Toot tooot VERY interesting watching the lunatic train of liars go 😳🚂 I am very impressed that Tattlers come up with, not only ex boyfriends and leopard tights, but financial fraud ;) Deem yourself commended.


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And what's weird: usually when children want to become singer, artist, writer or whatever parents push them to become something sensible like a lawyer or engineer or teacher.... . Here it was just the other way round. To be pushed into a so difficult field when it's even hard when you are enthusiastic about it.
The Asians call it "Tiger Parenting" and there are many, many cases where the child (usually from early teens to 20's or 30's) snaps and goes berserk and kills either the Mother or Father or both and worse the whole Family.


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Potty's linkedin for you ;) and good point about it disappearing .. Last year or at the end of 2019 I saw a business register for Nic Larkin 5G network registered in Belgium but cannot find any trace of it now. If only I had known at the the time to screen shot it.

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Why is he wasting his time on her? I know half a dozen lovely ladies 25 - 35, University Graduates (including one with a Fine Arts degree who owns her own Art Gallery and Auction Business and another who lives in Milan working in Fashion) Give me a call Michael and I'll hook you up.

To be honest I'm so amazed by some of the revelations that I've read on here over the last few days that it wouldn't surprise me if @Clara Burnett turned out to be Brenda!!

We of Wishing for the Schadenfreude

Let them eat cake!


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Why is he wasting his time on her? I know half a dozen lovely ladies 25 - 35, University Graduates (including one with a Fine Arts degree who owns her own Art Gallery and Auction Business and another who lives in Milan working in Fashion) Give me a call Michael and I'll hook you up.

Why would a young, successful woman be interested in a slightly portly man, 10-20 years older than her, who is besties with his ex? If a woman is that desperate, she has issues and needs to check herself.

I actually think Ruth and Michael are equals. His LinkedIn just confirms that even more.
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I actually don't mind SJ but the thing that really irritates is the amount of jobs she starts and never finishes, even with about 400 people on hand.

Examples being:-

Waxing lyrical over those (quite expense) church benches that Ian brought in his van in the summer and sold to her, they didn't even have feet/a base so were despatched off to Selmar's work room for him to make some........never to be seen again, must have been at least 6 months ago.....

The Peacock bedroom - what was the point of getting Selmar to dismantle that large built in cupboard only to leave a grotty, stained large section of wall exposed that then has to be covered up with a charity shop net curtain because the room is still used for paying guests..... she made at least 2/3 videos about the dismantle and looking at wallpaper samples etc, even getting the Marquis family in to talk about the decor.....never mentioned again, no wallpaper ordered, the room still has the net curtain up over 6 months later...... Why not just have left the bloody cupboard there for another year or two which is how long it will be before that room is decorated. I mean its obvious why, she has dangled the bait now and is waiting for one of the wallpaper suppliers to offer her it for free but its still annoying!

These childish whims to play with a new toy/project and then lose interest after 10 minutes are so frustrating to watch!
These are all such easy wins and could be completed in a day or two, it can't be about money as there is plenty rolling in now, or time because lockdown, yet she has already moved on to the downstairs toilet, china room, amphitheatre - and yes I agree with the previous poster the amphitheatre mention was defo for our benefit!

We see you LOTL
A short attention span is also an indication of NPD. I keep waxing lyrical about trump but I use him as a litmus test for all the toxic narcissists out there.


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Brenda has given a huge explaination about dropping to the minimum patreon payout to the LOTL. Most of her post is indirectly aimed at tattle. Both on the fan groups moving in a different direction that just Lala land now. 🤔
Dear Brenda with self-reflection
Attempting some misdirection
Could she be rattled?
perhaps even “Tattled”?
To sever her Lalande connection?

Clara Burnett

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