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My blood records vinyl came today, I think it’s my favourite looking vinyl ever by the 1975! It just looks so clean and sleek. Has anyone played theirs yet? Blood records do have a bit of a reputation for bad quality pressings, I found the sleeves weren‘t great, so much static I struggled to get my vinyl out
Yip happened to me, was struggling to get it out
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Still at their very best has it’s first show in Atlanta tonight. Excited to see the setlist and if there are any changes. Seems like it’s a festival show though so might not be the full experience
They were randomly sound checking Heart Out earlier
What do we reckon on the set list for the new tour ? Played the first show last night of it I think
Pretty disappointing really, apart from the addition of heart out its the same handful of songs as always. They have so many great songs but only ever seem to play the same ones 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Sacramento we bleeping won, arguably the best 75 show I’ve been to. Cannot wait to see how the show evolves over the tour now
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I woke up at the end of the live stream and was disappointed they didn’t play the sound. It makes me a bit sad if they’ve taken it off for good.
But…. I can just about make my peace with it if bagsy not in yet stays.
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Does anyone know when we can sell tickets on AXS? My friend can't come so I need to sell her ticket but it's not showing as an option on the app yet
I randmly managed to get block 101 seats for London on the 20th this morning! They had several available
I was in block 101 in January and literally got the tickets a week before, not on resale either. Always get so stressed about getting tickets when things go on sale but always get better seats later
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